Project #87749 - Economics

Answer each in a short form essay for economics. i need within an hour


Heilbroner material




Heilbroner’s two tasks of economic society (each task has two parts)


Heilbroner’s three solutions to the economic problem: tradition, command, and market-based society. You should be able to compare/contrast these three types of social formations.


What does Heilbroner mean by social surplus? Contrast this idea with Schiller’s scarcity concept. How might a macroeconomic analysis centered on social surplus differ from one centered on scarcity?


Manorial estate






Disrepute of gain—what is it and how does it fit into the transition from feudalism to market-based society?


What “forces of change” were involved in the transition from feudalism to market-based society?


What is the importance of Smith’s famous pin factory example?


What did Smith mean by a self-regulating market? Explain using demand and supply diagrammatic analysis.


The Enclosures—what were they and how do they fit into the transition story?


Heilbroner notes that despite its obvious benefits, the division of labor that characterizes market-based society comes at a cost—what is this cost?




Other material/themes/ideas/questions




Explain the primary revenue sources for the three different levels of government. How does each level of government spend its revenues?


Who were the first modern American corporations?


What is limited liability and why is it important in the context of the modern corporation?


Who are the major shareholders of most major publicly-traded modern corporations?


Board of directors—who are these directors and what do they do?


Management—what functions does it perform in the modern corporation?


What is the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)?


Describe some of the shortcomings associated with using GDP as a measure of social welfare? And, explain how the GPI attempts to address these shortcomings.


Explain why the official unemployment rate may be a poor indicator of the actual conditions prevailing in the labor market.


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