Project #87731 - Research Report Paper

Research Report Paper

Format: Analytical Research Paper

Length: 10-13 pages

Audience: Your Instructor

Purpose: In-depth analysis of a problem either in your field of study or related to your Service

Learning Project

This paper while proving information about a problem should also make recommendations for

course of action towards a solution of that problem.

You should use APA documentation standards with parenthetical references and a

bibliography page (see Markel, pp. 670-686). This report should have separate sections and

headings. Aim for 10-15 pages of discussion and use a minimum of 10 different sources for

your citations. Do not use overly long citations. The majority of the paper should be in your own

words. Use a variety of sources including periodicals, electronic and interviews. Be aware

while Wikepedia may lead you to legitimate sources, it is not a credible source on its own.

As stated above your paper should feature a problem that relates to either your major/educational

background or to your Service Learning client. You must use visuals (charts and/or

graphs) to illustrate your in-depth analysis. Think about anyone in your personal network that

may have a business problem that requires such an in-depth analysis that will meet the

requirements of the paper. You should be a thorough literature review for relevant information to

your topic.

Some example of past papers: 1) Provided strategic marketing analysis and recommendations

for company where student did internship; 2) Provided analysis and technical and business

recommendations for father’s company to increase efficiency and profitability; 3) Church wanted

to develop youth program. Student developed a plan (recommendations) that analyzed key

factors including cost, resources, etc.; 4) Analyzed charter school options for family living in

Baltimore; 5) Cost analysis and recommendations for a video game pricing strategies


Part 1: Research Report Proposal

Format: Memo

Length: 2 pages

Audience: Your Instructor

Markel’s Chapt. 16: Writing Proposals will help you organize your research project. This

should include what’s manageable for the time frame that you have to work with, determining

your report’s purpose, outlining what problem you want to investigate, determining materials

you may need and defining who your target audience would be. You should follow

the model found on p. 457 in your textbook.

Due date: Oct, 22, 2015

Part 2: Annotated Bibliography

Submit this to your instructor with no less than 10 sources related to your research topic.

This will function as the foundation for your report’s bibliography. An annotated bibliography

is a list of citations to books, articles and documents in which a short paragraph follows

each citation describing and evaluating the source.

Due date: Oct, 29, 2015

Part 3: Outline

Submit a detailed outline of your Research Report

Due date: Nov, 3, 2015

Part 4: Rough Draft of Research Report

This should be an almost complete version of your paper, ready for peer review

Due date: Nov, 10, 2015

Part 5: Final of Research Report

Final of Research Report with complete bibliography

Due date: Nov, 17, 2015

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2015 12:00 am
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