Project #8771 - Psychology

This is Psychology project. Module on Freud & Humanistic Theories and Therapie.

1. The hidden or disguised meaning of the events which occur in dreams are termed:

latent content

manifest content

the pleasure principle

the reality principle


2. Which individual is most associated with the self theory?


















3. Freud defined the superego as:

the person we would be if we could act out all the id’s desires

the self that is formed when we act instinctually

the part of the mind containing moral standards

the part of the mind that allows us to manipulate social situations to our own ends


4. Dr. Khard is reading a paper on psychodynamic theory written by a student. She first looks at the headings of each section. She is most surprised to find a heading that does not fit with psychodynamic theory. Which of the following headings is most likely to have surprised Dr. Khard?

“Unconscious Motivation”

“The Importance of Self-Actualization”

“The Relationship Between Id, Ego, and Superego”

“The Role of Conflict in the Anal Stage”


5. Children like to pour ink on one side of a piece of paper, fold the paper, and then figure out what the resulting shape looks like. This activity is most like which of the following personality measures?

Rorschach test



California Personality Inventory


6. In order to alleviate anxiety caused by a desire to be sexually promiscuous with women, John decides to become a priest. Freud would say that John has used the defense mechanism of:


reaction formation




7. What would be an example of an implicit memory?

juggling three balls while singing a song


learning a foreign language

giving a speech before a large audience


8. Which of the following statements is true regarding the effectiveness of psychotherapy?

There is little significant difference between the different treatment approaches.

About 30-50% of clients who receive psychotherapy show great improvement.

Some forms of psychotherapy are no more effective than just being placed on a waiting list.

The most effective form of psychotherapy is psychoanalysis.


9. In working out his transference, Michael becomes defensive because he does not want to admit repressed thoughts and feelings into consciousness. Michael is showing:


polarized thinking




10. ____ therapy involves using various psychoactive drugs to treat mental disorders.






11. “You are a neat freak. You are so tidy and clean.” Freud would be most likely to use the term ___ to describe you.

ego fixated

orally fixated

anal retentive

anal expulsive


12. The early support for EMDR’s effectiveness came from:

case studies and testimonials

longitudinal studies


cross-sectional studies


13. The defense mechanism of projection involves the unconscious transfer of:

threatening feelings into the unconscious

unacceptable wishes into acceptable behaviors

one’s own unacceptable traits onto other people

feelings from the true source to a more acceptable source


14. The ____ are a group of drugs that reduce the effects of the neurotransmitter dopamine and are used to reduce schizophrenic symptoms.






15. Which Freudian term refers to the attempt to satisfy drives without concern for moral restrictions or societal regulations?

the reality principle

the pleasure principle

the freedom principle

the superego principle


16. A person is using systematic desensitization to try to overcome his fear of driving on the freeway. The first step in this program would be:

relaxation training

stimulus hierarchy construction

free association

building up his self-image


17. ____ therapy is a good example of the eclectic approach to therapeutic technique.






18. The primary assumption made by the Balians of the cause of problems is:

imbalance of positive and negative energy

evil spirits

too much blood in the head

rotting internal organs


19. Behavior therapists do not focus on:

the principles of classical conditioning

the underlying unconscious conflicts

specific problem behavior

rewards to change behavior


20. Bob is sexually attracted to his professor. In order to deal with these feelings, Bob channels his energy into his homework and study habits. This is an example of the Freudian defense mechanism called:

reaction formation





21. Why could it be said that Joseph Wolpe finished what John Watson had started?

Watson discovered the phenothiazines and Wolpe used them to treat schizophrenia.

Watson originated the idea of free association; Wolpe refined it.

Wolpe developed a technique to reduce Little Albert’s fear.

Wolpe conducted scientific studies based on Watson’s theory of free association.


22. “I don’t know why I did that!” Of the following concepts, which one best relates to that statement?

real self


conscious thoughts

unconscious motivation


23. Adler disagreed with Freud by proposing that humans are governed by ____ urges.






24. Which of the following is not a technique developed by Freud as a part of psychoanalytic treatment?

progressive relaxation

free association

analysis of slips of the tongue

dream interpretation


25. Academic success among Indo-Chinese children is primarily due to:

genetic differences

low rates of poverty among Indo-Chinese refugees

high percentages of Indo-Chinese adults with college degrees

cultural and personal values taught by the family


26. How does the existence of resilient children impact Freud’s theory of psychosexual stages?

They support the theory since the children often experience denial.

They support the theory since the children often become adults with serious psychological problems.

Resilient children support the theory since they may develop fixation in the psychosexual stages.

Resilient children question the theory since many develop into healthy adults.


27. What seems to be the most plausible explanation of EMDR’s effectiveness?

It causes thought substitution.

It wipes traumatic memories from long-term memory.

It is a form of exposure therapy.

It changes the electrical activity of the brain.


28. Needs that we try to first fulfill are called ____, while needs at a higher level are termed ____.

fulfillment needs; higher needs

deficiency needs; growth needs

primary needs; secondary needs

elementary needs; secondary needs

Little Albert was conditioned to:

sit in a trance-like state

fear a rat

unlearn his fear of a rat

be unresponsive to a rat


29. Little Albert was conditioned to:

sit in a trance-like state

fear a rat

unlearn his fear of a rat

be unresponsive to a rat


30. Which of the following is one of the steps used to treat insomnia?

Try to make going to sleep at the same time every night a habit.

If you cannot sleep, get out of bed and go into a different room.

Sleep in when you are very tired.

Take naps when you feel tired, but only then.



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