Project #87313 - Baldrige Case Study

Please submit your 9-12 page Baldrige Landmark Case Study paper in this drop box. 

  • Use the attachment feature to submit your .doc document.  
  • You may not submit other forms of documents (i.e. pdf, keynote, pages or images).  Your document will be considered late if you submit the wrong format.

Submission Guidelines

  • Your document is to 
    • Introduce your findings to the Landmark senior leader team
    • Discuss the 5-7 core improvement opportunities you are recommending
      • Include rationale, and
      • Substantiating evidence
    • Provide a thorough summary 
      • Include proposed action plan
      • Suggested strategies for the leadership team
  • Font size must be 12 point 
  • Strictly double-spaced
  • Please proof your document prior to submission based on the Landmark Systems Paper Checklist

Document Naming Convention




  • The professor will both assess the document and give you feedback/feedforward.  

Due Saturday by noon EST. 

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Submission status

Submission status

No attempt

Grading status

Not graded

Due date

Saturday, October 17, 2015, 12:00 PM

Time remaining

1 day 3 hours

Grading criteria

Your papers will be evaluated on the following criteria:  content (90%), mechanics (5%), format (4%), document naming convention (1%).  

Paper Content - Introduction

1) Present the purpose of the case study. 2) Detail your approach to identifying the topic areas. 3) Provide a value statement of your approach – connect the method of selection of topic areas to the expected outcome if the plan were carried out. 4) Explain how you organized the subject matter within the paper.

Maximum mark


Paper content - Body

1) Introduce topic area. 2) Discuss why it is critical to organization’s success. 3) State your rationale for selection – what is the evidence/research/perspective. 4) Consider resource requirements and balance (If all issues involve new programming and technology enhancement, how will you ensure success with limited technical staff?) 5) Suggest a solution or method to determine a solution

Maximum mark


Paper content - Close

1) Synthesize the body and the case. 2) Call the readers to action – what do you want your reader to do with the information you have shared? This section is subtle but leaves the reader with a sense of direction. It answers the question – “so what?” 3) In connection with call to action, suggest steps that can effectively and efficiently address your recommendations. 4) Statement of value to organization in adopting these changes.

Maximum mark


Writing Mechanics

1) Be professional in your investigation, reporting, and delivery. 2) Avoid first person. Start sentences with concepts, ideas, organization units, staff. 3) Use proper tense. This case study has occurred, its finished with the writing of your paper – use past tense. Research studies are complete – use past tense. 4) Use topic sentences that are substantive (concept/outcome). 5) Use topic sentences that are original (Don’t start a paragraph with a quotation.) 6) Sources are cited in text; direct quotations include page or paragraph numbers. 7) Sentences contain 25 words or fewer. 8) Avoid jargon or clichés. 9) Spell out every anagram on first occurrence followed by anagram in ().

Maximum mark


Document format

1) Title – center top, bold, page 1. 12 point font. 2) No running head. 3) Page numbers - bottom center. 4) 12 point font, Times New Roman. 5) Strictly double-spaced. Watch for added line spacing between paragraphs. 6) I inch margin on all sides – check to be sure your default is not 1.25 7) Use of headings to indicate parallel structure - for example if each issue is addressed separately - rationale, benefits, resources - each issue would have identical heading format and rationale/benefits/resources would have the next level of heading style. 8) References: Double spaced; Hanging indent; APA 6th edition format.

Maximum mark


Document naming convention


Maximum mark

Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/16/2015 12:00 am
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