Project #87255 - Research Article Review

Psychology 1010

Fall 2015

Research Article Review




Instructions: Select an empirical article from a peer-reviewed journal (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology) that relates to any topic covered in this class and then summarize the article, including all of the relevant information listed below.


Your paper should be written in APA style. Do NOT number your paper from 1-6 and answer each individual question below. Instead, use the points below as guidelines for what to include in your essay-style paper.




I.                   Article Summary


Submit a 2 page summary of the study detailed in the article you chose, including the following:


1.       Purpose of the study: What questions were addressed? What were the hypotheses?

2.       Sample: Describe the sample used in the study (ages, gender, ethnicity, etc.)?

3.       Key Variables: What were the dependent and independent variables?

4.       Procedure: How was the study conducted?

5.       Results: Describe the results. Were the hypotheses supported?

6.       Conclusions: What do the authors believe is important about the findings?


II.                Citation

Using APA format, provide a citation for the article you summarized. See example below.


Bhatnagar, K. A. C., Wisniewski, L., Solomon, M., & Heinberg, L. (2013). Effectiveness and

feasibility of a cognitive-behavioral group intervention for body image disturbance in women with eating disorders. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 69, 1 – 13.



III.             Submit your summary (including citation) as a WORD document and upload to Canvas. Also, submit the actual article (upload to Canvas as a separate attachment).


Save your paper in the following format:

Last.First.1010.2015    ex. Brott.Renee.1010.2015


Save your article in the following format:

Last.First.1010.Article 2015   ex. Brott.Renee.1010.Article.2015


IV.              If you have ANY PROBLEMS submitting your assignment – which I do not anticipate, mind you – please email your TA (cc me on the email), with the submissions sent as attachments to the email. Again – I do not foresee problems uploading your materials to Canvas, so this is a just-in-case, emergency, please don’t do it if you don’t have to, method of turning in your stuff.


V.                 The point of this assignment is to get you accustomed to accessing and reading scientific journal articles and understanding the major elements of a psychological study. You may not fully understand all of the concepts being reviewed, (I don’t expect that you would) but you should be able to identify the various aspects included.



VI.              Please refer to the rubric for specific scoring criteria. Be mindful of your writing style and be sure to use college-level writing skills throughout the assignment. For example, use coherent, logical sentence and paragraph structure. Double check spelling and verb tense. PROOFREAD. Also, PROOFREAD. Then, don’t forget to PROOFREAD. 

Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/15/2015 12:00 am
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