Project #87160 - Fear of Crime Research Paper

Construct your own questionnaire to measure the fear of crime.  You should have a minimum of five questions (you can do more).  Be careful that they are not loaded questions (you feel crime is a problem, don’t you?) or too vague.  Your sample size should be a minimum of 5 persons (you can do more).  Tell me what you found out.  Draw some conclusions.

Paper requirements:

  1. Paper should be 5 - 7 pages in length, the point is for you to convey your idea fully.  Plan ahead!
  2. Research requirements: Minimum of 3 scholarly sources as references.  You will find all relevant links for this project in the 'Reserach and Writing' tab on the toolbar.  Make sure you use the Library's databases for research, DO NOT rely on general web searches.  
  3. Paper format: APA suggests that papers should be double-spaced, Times NR 12 font, with one inch margins.  The paper must follow all APA rules for citation and referencing.   Be sure to look in the 'Reserach and Writing' tab for what this is, how to cite, how to avoid plagiarism, etc.
  4. Please submit your paper as an attachment to this assignment page.

Paper outline:

Your paper must contain the following sections:

  1. Intro and literature review: Fear of crime literature review should contain the 3 scholarly sources.
  2. Methods:  how you formulated your questions, who you asked and why, the places you selected to ask people and why.  This should be written so anyone could replicate what you did without a problem. 
  3. Data Analysis:  What did you find out from your small survey?  Does it coincide with the current research on fear of crime?  Why or why not?  Provide a table with your sample and responses to each question – see attached example table
  4. Conclusions: Draw some overall conclusions and suggest directions for future research.


Question #1

Question #2

Question #3

Question #4

Question #5

Subject 1






Subject 2






Subject 3






Subject 4






Subject 5








Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/26/2015 12:00 am
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