Project #86158 - Rough Draft on An Evaluation of Japan’s Electronic Industry within the World’s Electronic Market

Session Four Political and Economic Overview: 

Session Four: Negotiating and Ethical Issues

Negotiating in this country, including decision-making and ethical issues.

  • Differences between the chosen country and the US that will need close attention.
  • Issues that intertwine cultural, legal and ethical considerations (i.e., gift giving, bribes, social responsibility).


Read the instructions for the Research Project/ Paper carefully. It is found in the Assignment sec


A general introduction to the country, including an overview of its political and economic realities.  Focus on the major themes from the first few chapters of the book such as risk, technology, human rights, the legal system, and politics.


Read the instructions for the Research Project/ Paper carefully. It is found in the Assignment section and also below:


Research Paper/ Project - 25%

There are two components to this comprehensive project – an Individual Research Paper and a Learning Team Presentation. The objectives of this research project are to help students develop knowledge and also practical applications in regard to the process of operating and managing an international business within the varying national and regional environments; while controlling for risk factors.


Four regional global blocks have been identified for this project – The European Union, The Far East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South America.

During Session One, each team will choose one of the global regions below for the Team’s Project Component. Each team member will then select a country from within that block for his/her Individual Research paper/ project.


European Union

Southeast Asia (ASEAN countries)

Asia (China, India, Philippines, Japan etc.)

South America

Central America & Caribbean


The Research Project and Paper will be in two parts – an Individual research paper and drafts (250 points), and a Learning Team (or Individual) Presentation (100 points).


Part I: Individual Research Paper (200 points)

The first part of the Individual Research Paper will take place over the Sessions Two, Three, Four and Five of the course.

Before Session Two:

  • Each student will choose a country from the region selected by the team. Each team member must select a different country within that region.
  •  Each student will then pick a major industry to focus on for that country from the viewpoint of a company that is going to enter that market.  For instance, if a student chooses India, they may look at the IT industry, if they choose Japan; they might select the Electronics sector. Choose a product or service in that industry that is to be introduced into that sector and the country.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/13/2015 12:00 am
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