Project #85503 - Linguistics of Anthropology


Assignment 1 Anthropology 204


Your name in English: ______________________________________________ Your name in IPA: _________________________________________________

Each question is worth 5 points.

What are the phonetic names for the following sounds? Pay attention to aspiration and please type your answers.

  1. The first in mama.

  2. The first in car.

  3. The first in keep.

  4. The second in keep.

  5. The last in keep.

  6. The first in zoo.

  7. The second in step.

8 The first in shoot.

  1. The first in lazy.

  2. The second in twitter.

  3. The last in twitter.

  4. The first in facebook.

  5. The vowel in food. (Assume it’s a monophthong.)

  6. The first of the last word in Green Bay Packers.

  7. The last in filth.

  8. The last in ring.

  9. The first consonant in onion.

Questions 18-20 are different.

  1. How many glottal stops are there in the first thirty seconds of Walk off the Earth’s version of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’? (If you listen to the whole song, btw, pay attention to the use of ejectives used by KRNFX.)

  2. Transcribe the following omitted sounds, in IPA, from ‘Car Radio’ (21 Pilots): “I have these ____oughts so often I ought to replace that ___ot with what I once ___ough____.”

  3. Transcribe what’s missing in the following song from The Ting Tings, in IPA: I ain’t freakin’, I ain’t fakin’ this,
    [...........] and let me go._________________


Morphology and Syntax

1. Suppose you ran into someone on another planet who used verbs like the following:

sopakulo eopakulo eopakuli opakula

“I ran.”
“I run.” “She runs.” “Runner”

a. What is the verb root in these cases?
b. What is the verb stem in these cases? (It’s not the same as the root in all cases.)
c. What is the past tense marker?
d. Some affixes refer to pronouns. What affixes are they, and what pronouns do they refer to?

20 points 2. Read the following clauses from Georgian, a language spoken in the Caucasus.

studenti studenti studentma studenti studentma

cers cerils dacera cerili cers

“The student goes.”
“The student writes the letter.” “The student wrote the letter.” “The student writes.”
“The student wrote.”

a. b. c. d. e. f.


What is the past tense affix?
What kind of affix is it?
What is the accusative case marker in clauses with past tense verbs? What is the accusative case marker in clauses with present tense verbs? What is the nominative case marker in clauses with past tense verbs?

What is the nominative case marker in clauses with present tense verbs?

Read the following Portuguese clauses:

25 points

Ele chutou a bola. “He kicked the ball.”

Ele amou a sua namarada por muito tempo. “He loved his girlfriend for a long time.”


Ele me chutou. “He kicked me.”

Eu te amo. “I love you.”

a. What are the pronouns evident?
b. What are the two word orders observed?
c. When does one word order occur, and when does the other?

Please diagram the following sentences:

  1. The woman ate the hamburger.

  2. Marta scored an amazing goal in the world cup.

  3. Your mom goes to college.

  4. an y takamorotsat

You me hugged. (“You hugged me” in Karitiana)

Please answer the following questions:

20 points

5 points 5 points 5 points

5 points

8. Turkish is an SOV language. Given that fact, what sequence would you expect the following constituents to occur in:
(Circle the corresponding letter.)
A. cesur adam B.

brave man

A. dogru koye B. towards village

Why did you choose those answers? 9. Edward ran quickly.

adam cesur man brave

Is this sentence intransitive or transitive?

10. Hilary gave the speech.
Is this sentence intransitive or transitive?

5 points

5 points 5 points

koye dogru village toward 

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