Project #85383 - Public Speaking

Informative Speech (due in Week 6)

This is an individual speaking assignment, 5–7 minutes in length. You will be required to conduct research, synthesize information, and organize speaker materials. Resources should be current, credible, and comprehensive and documented both orally and in the references. The presentation will be accompanied by a visual PowerPoint presentation (or other visual aids approved by your professor). The preparation outline and the accompanying visual aids are required to be submitted to the appropriate Dropbox for grading review.

Additional Requirements

  • The tone and messaging of the presentation should be informative and supportive of an informative speaking purpose. You should create a thesis statement that supports this.
  • You should document at least five quality sources from the DeVry University Library in a references list, parenthetically on the outline, and orally during the presentation.
  • Your presentation should have a fully developed beginning, middle, and ending.
  • Extemporaneous delivery is expected for this presentation.


Topics for this class are your choice, but keep in mind the basic suggestion that you want to pick something that is of interest to you. It is also suggested that you pick topics for which you can find a sufficient amount of research when it is required. Your textbook provides a number of examples that should help you start brainstorming ideas.

Recorded Delivery of Presentations

Online students will deliver all presentations via the iConnect technology. Campus-based students will deliver presentations face to face, using the iConnect technology, or using a combination of the two, so those students should follow the plan and schedule established by the professor. 

Recording Presentations Guidelines

  • The recording should focus on you as the speaker and show your body from at least the waist upward.
  • Test the lighting and sound before beginning your presentation. Recording one of your rehearsals is a good way to do this.
  • You are responsible for the final quality of both the presentation and the recording of it. Your professor and your classmates need to be able to see and hear you clearly in order to provide you feedback. Check the recording before considering any recording to be a final take. 
  • When submitting your outline to the Dropbox, be sure to include the name of the recording that the professor should be reviewing for grading in the text window. Use the standard file naming convention for the course: First Last SPCH275 Presentation Name (e.g., Ken Loredo SPCH275 Personal Attitude Speech).

Audience Requirement (for Recordings)

Having an audience present for a presentation is a critical part of the experience and of a student's growth in a public speaking course. As such, students presenting their Personal Attitude and Informative Speeches are required to find an audience to observe the presentations. The audience must consist of at least five adults (in addition to whomever you may need to record the presentation), preferably those who have taken or are enrolled in some college-level coursework in public speaking or communication, who are physically present in the same room as you when delivering the presentation. To document your audience, be sure to pan your camera to the audience both before and after the presentation.

Suggestions for Audience Members

  • Professional situations (e.g., coworkers, industry colleagues, supervisors, professional acquaintances, etc.)
  • Learning situations (e.g., classmates, professors, study groups, training groups, etc.)
  • Speaking groups (e.g., Toastmasters, Rotary or civic organizations, hobby or personal interest clubs, etc.)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/09/2015 12:00 am
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