Project #85354 - USER RESEARCH

Design Challenge

Design a mobile application that creates a music experience for users while working out.

Consider ways in which a novel system can use music to help users enhance,

track or inspire their performance.

To address this challenge, you will conduct a user-centered design process. Your first step will be to do some design

research so that you can find out about user needs and the context. You may already have some ideas for a product;

however, keep in mind that you must first have a good understanding of the actual needs and goals people have before going too far forward with specific solutions.



The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice developing good interview preparation methods and interview techniques for conducting stakeholder or user



 Related Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 2: Students will be able to apply usercentered research methods for need finding, generating insights, and developing concepts for interactive systems.

Part 1: Interview Prep

 What to Do

Using guidelines discussed in the text and in class, create a screener and approximately 8 to 12 questions that will help you identify and learn about user needs with regard to the design challenge.


 What to Hand In

• Hunt Statment

• Screener

• Interview Script


Part 2: Interviews

 What to Do

Using the interview questions, each student should interview at least 3 people from the target audience, use your screener to identify interview subjects. As you are doing the interview, take notes (hand-written or typed is ok) or record the interviews and transcribe the notes later. After completing all 3 interviews, review your notes and and write a short summary of the results. Identify at least 4 results, look for any patterns and important information.


 What to Hand In

• Interview notes from 3 interviews (i.e., printed or

hand-written notes)

• Results summary




This assignment will be graded out of 100 points. The

assignment will be graded on these criteria:

• Follows the assignment directions correctly and

completely, turning in all components from Part 1

and 2.

• Interview notes will not be graded for quality or

neatness, just reviewed as proof that you did

conduct 3 interviews.

• Results can be formatted in bullet points, but should

consist of 1-2 sentences at minimum for each result.

• Methods reflect the guidelines for interviews

discussed in the text and in class.

• Documents are well organized, labeled, edited, and


have a professional presentation



Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/09/2015 11:00 am
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