Project #84825 - design critique paper

 Choosing your product

Now that you have explored Norman’s principles in depth, you will critique a user interface design utilizing these core concepts.To complete this assignment, you will need to choose two digital user interfaces: one that you find to be well designed and one that you find to be poorly designed. Software applications, mobile apps, video games, or websites are acceptable choices. 


Present the product

Document your selected products with  annotated screenshots to provide the reader with enough detail to understand your critique. Provide the name of the product and describe the tasks it performs and who you believe to be the target audience. Optionally, you can include a video to present the product (video doesn’t need to be embedded in the .pdf, just add to Dropbox.)


 Analyze and Critique

Write a narrative paper that presents your selected products and why they are well or poorly designed. Make reference to  at least six of the concepts discussed by Norman in The Design of Everyday Things (e.g., discoverability, affordance, signifiers, mapping, feedback, conceptual models, errors, the system image, constraints, knowledge in the head/ knowledge in the world).  When referencing the concepts, briefly define the concept first (Don’t omit these definitions, they are very important to include!).

Your written piece should convey that you understand what the concept means and how Norman’s principles are applied (or not) in user interfaces.




An outstanding critique will:

• Reflect a deep understanding of the principles.

• Provide interesting and insightful analysis.

• Follow the assignment directions correctly and


• Provide a a clear and detailed description of

the products and the tasks.

• Use formatting and illustrations to present

ideas clearly.

• Be well organized and edited, and have a

professional, neat presentation.

• Attend to visual appeal and organization. (For

example, use fonts and spacing consistently,

use headings to organize the text)

• Reflect an appropriate and professional tone.

(Don’t use language that is too casual.)


• Be submitted on time.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/05/2015 10:00 am
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