Project #84812 - Virtual Child

APA 4-5 pages, please use references below with 2 additional references. Also my virtual child’s name is Marilyn. If u need additional information about her please let me know. Also you can login to my virtual child user name hmgraveskinsey1 password Graveskinsey22

Feldman, R. (2015). Child Development (7 ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

1. Describe changes in your Virtual Child’s thinking (e.g., changes in humor, abstract thinking, or theory of mind) and discuss how this might be affecting his or her interactions with you and your responses and his or her interactions with peers. [Scoring: 5 points for describing an example, 5 points for analyzing how this might be affecting interactions with you, and 5 points for analyzing how this might be impacting interactions with peers. 15 points]

2.Using the 7th and 8th grade report cards and your own observations, summarize your Virtual Child’s academic skills at this point. What specific activities might promote some of these skills? What careers or courses of study might be best suited to your teen’s abilities and interests? [Scoring: 5 points for describing and giving two examples of your Virtual Child’s academic skills. Make sure not to rely solely on the report cards, i.e., cite your own observations. 5 points for describing some activities that might facilitate growth in academic skills and 5 points for explaining why a particular career or course of study might be suitable. 15 points]

3.How important have your teen’s relationships with peers been to his/her social development, emotional well-being and school achievement from 14-18 years of age? [Scoring: 5 points for each of three examples of a possible connection between peer and romantic relationships to the Virtual Child’s social, emotional or academic development and citing points from the course that support the importance of these types of peer relationships to later behavior. 15 points]

4.How has your teen adjusted at 14-18 years of age to typical adolescent issues such as risk-taking, drugs, alcohol, and sexual interests, and how have you responded to your teen? [Scoring: 5 points for each of two examples of an issue your teen has encountered from this list, 5 points for describing how you responded to that specific issue and 5 points for describing why it is important to long-term adolescence adjustment (according to the text. 20 points]

5.As the program ends, what pathways does your Virtual Child appear to be on in terms of physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development? Choose three aspects of your Virtual Child to discuss. To what extent could you have predicted these pathways based on what you knew of your Virtual Child’s earlier development? [Scoring: 5 points for discussing each of two pathways and 5 points each for providing supporting documentation. 20 points]

6.Describe one specific way in which you think your parenting mattered for your Virtual Child’s development, based on evidence from the course regarding the contributions of parents to Virtual Child development. Describe one specific way in which your Virtual Child developed that appeared to be influenced by factors outside your control, such as genes, random environmental events or the general influence of contemporary middle-class American culture. [Scoring: 5 points for discussing parenting influences, 5 points for non-parenting influences, 5 points for providing evidence from the course that supports your choice of this influence as important. 15 points]


You got Marilyn's 7th grade report card early in the summer. Some highlights of the report card:

Marilyn consistently contributes to cooperative group activities and respects the rights and possessions of others, has consistently appropriate social interaction with peers, and even seems to be a kind of peer leader.

Her word reading, spelling and writing skills are strong

She got A's in 7th grade English, Social Studies, and Spanish.

She got C's in 7th grade Math and Science. The teacher thought that she could do better with some tutoring and more studying.

Marilyn took art in 7th grade as an option, and got an A.

She listens attentively, follows directions, and follows school rules.

She is quite effective at time management, and highly consistent in working independently in the classroom and on homework. She has almost no problems completing assignments and turning them in on time.

You didn't have a chance to go to a teacher conference at the end of 9th grade, but you have spoken with nearly all of Marilyn's teachers or e-mailed with them at least once this past semester. You received the report card in the mail in early July.

Marilyn got good marks for citizenship this year from most of the teachers.

She got A's in Spanish I, English Honors and World Geography. The English and Spanish teachers both commented "a pleasure to have in class."

She received a B in Algebra I and a B in Biology.

She received A's in her fine arts classes this past year and a comment that her work was very creative.

She got a C in music this year and said, "I never want to take another music class as long as I live!"

Here are some highlights from Marilyn's 11th grade report card.

Marilyn received good marks for citizenship from several teachers, indicating that Marilyn contributed often to the class.

She got A's in Spanish II and English Honors and a B in American History. Marilyn is eligible to take AP Spanish, English and History next year, but will probably take the AP versions of only the first two.

She received a B in Algebra II and a B in Physics, and an at earlier conference with the Physics teacher, this teacher thought Marilyn was working up to her ability.

She received A's in her fine arts classes this past year and a notation "Pleasure to have in class" from the Drawing II teacher.

She received an A in an elective school service class.



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