Project #84710 - Volcanos Geology 110


Answer the following questions about Bezymianny Volcano.




Every day there are approximately 50 volcanoes erupting around the world, and hundreds of different volcanoes have erupted in the past few centuries.  Most of you will have not heard of these volcanoes; this assignment gives you the opportunity to investigate one of them in detail.




Your primary resource for this assignment will be the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program’s database of active volcanoes, located here:



Additional websites that may be useful are:


Oregon State University’s Volcano World:


US Geological Survey Volcano Page:


Volcano Discovery:


 You will find information on your volcano here along with links and additional references to help you gather the information you need.  Google is also your friend, but be careful which websites you trust.  Websites ending in “.gov” or “.edu” are generally trustworthy, as are websites associated with major new outlets.  Be careful however with any website ending in “.com”.  Anyone can create a website and write whatever they want, it’s your job to discern the reliability of that information. 











References: If you got any information from any sources other than the websites listed above, please list them here.  Include full website address or Title/Author/Publication Year/Publisher for any book/article/etc.

My Volcano Is:  Bezymianny


In what country and region is your volcano? (If your volcano is on an island, name the island; otherwise give a basic approximation of your volcano’s location within its country. ex. Mt. Fugi is located in Japan, on the island of Honshu.  Galeras is located in southwestern Colombia).


 What is the tectonic setting of your volcano? (i.e. Continent-Ocean subduction zone, ocean-ocean subduction zone (an island arc), hot spot, etc.)

What type of volcano is it? (e.g. shield, cinder cone, stratovolcano, caldera, etc.)



What type of lava do its eruptions generally produce? (e.g. basalt, andesite, etc.)


 What hazards is your volcano capable of producing? (e.g. lava flows, pyroclastic flows, ashfall, lahars, etc.)


What is the nearest city to your volcano?  How close it is?  How many people live within 30km?



When was the last eruption at your volcano?  Please provide some details about it (i.e. how long it lasted, what happened: lava flows? Pyroclastic flows? Explosions? Etc., any casualties?, damage?, air traffic interference?)


How often does your volcano erupt? (i.e. continuously active, every few years, every few decades, no other recent eruptions known) When it has erupted previously, what does it do? Compare your volcano’s previous activity to its most recent activity.


Knowing what you now do about your volcano, discuss the risk it poses to the population that lives near it.  How safe would you feel living within 30km of your volcano?  Does your volcano pose a significant risk to people living even further away?


  Lastly, list a few additional and interesting facts about your volcano that you discovered while completing this assignment.





















Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/02/2015 10:00 am
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