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HCA 542: Health Care Database Design and Management Assignment I

Panther Memorial has contracted with you to develop an entity relationship model for a patient visit database. Use the business narrative on the next page to develop an entity relationship diagram.


A Microsoft Visio diagram that contains your model consisting of all the necessary entities, attributes, and relationships from the narrative.

The diagram will use the Crow’s foot notation as demonstrated in our examples from class. Be sure to reference the guides on D2L: Drawing Entity Relationship Diagrams and Entity-Relationship Diagram Conventions

Individual work

This assignment will be completed individually without collaboration with other students.


Submit your assignment to the D2L dropbox by 11:55 on the date listed on the class schedule.

This deliverables will be submitted via the D2L dropbox. It is your responsibility to correctly submit the entire assignment on time in D2L. To ensure that your items are correctly uploaded, reopen your files from the D2L dropbox to test it.


This project is worth 100 points.

20 pts 10 pts 20 pts 10 pts 20 pts 20 pts

Entities Attributes Relationships Cardinality Primary Key Foreign Key


Business Narrative

Your company is developing a database for a small hospital called Panther Memorial. You have been provided a high level overview of what is need in the database:

In this system, patients are anyone who has been admitted to our hospital. For a patient, we would want to assign a medical record number to identify each and every patient. Also, we want to collect the patient’s SSN, name, birth date, gender, marital status, race, ethnicity, and address. We also want to be able to mark whether the patient has expired.

Another type of person we want to track is our providers. We want to record each provider’s National Provider Identifier, SSN, name, degree (MD, DO, DPM, CNM, NP, etc), state license number, age, years of service, gender, and email.

The main point of this database is to record a patient’s admission to our hospital. Each patient is admitted to a particular department within the hospital. We only need to record the department name for now, but may expand what we track about a department later. When a patient is admitted, we note the date, the admission type (Emergency, Urgent, Elective, Newborn), & the admission source (direct admission, transfer, emergency room). Upon discharge, we record the date and the discharge status (Routine/discharged home, Left against medical advice, Discharged/transferred to short-term facility, Discharged/transferred to long-term care institution, Expired). Also, we record which provider admitted the patient and also which provider is currently attending the patient. An admission must have an admitting and attending provider recorded.

For each admission, we track the diagnoses for the admission along with what orders were placed by the provider. From the diagnoses for the admission, one is marked by the provider as the primary diagnosis. A reference list of all possible diagnosis is maintained. The diagnosis reference table merely contains a diagnosis code and a diagnosis description.

As mentioned, orders for procedures are also tracked. We note which provider placed the order (this is required for any order placed), what the procedure was that was ordered, and the amount we charge for the order. Like diagnoses, a reference table of all procedures is maintained and consists of a code and description. The procedures and diagnoses in the reference tables may not have been used for an admission. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/02/2015 11:59 pm
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