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Please provide a 125 word minimum response for each question.  DO NOT COMBINE the questions with answers as a paper; place the answer AND cite reference (if applicable) under each question.

Strategic Management, Ch. 10

Strategic Concepts

How does the concept "translate thought into action" bear on the relationship between business strategy and operating strategy? Between long-term and short-term objectives?

Outsourcing as a Strategy

What is "outsourcing?"  Why has it become a key element in shaping functional tactics within most business firms today?

Strategic Management, Ch. 11

Product Team Structuring

What organizations do you think are most likely to use product-team structures? Why?

A New Perspective

Identify an organization that operated like a twentieth-century organization but has now adopted a structure that manifests twenty-first-century characteristics. Explain how you see or detect the differences.

Strategic Management, Ch. 12

Organizational Culture

What is your opinion of the Netflix "organizational culture" crafted by Reed Hastings?  What pros and cons do you detect?

Power and Influence

What three sources of power and influence are best suited to you as a manager?

Crafting and Executing Strategy, Ch. 9


Investment Fraud at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and Stanford Financial Group

What drivers for unethical behavior are evident in reviewing the actions of Bernard Madoff and the managers of the Stanford Financial Group?

Crafting and Executing Strategy, Ch. 10

Decentralized Decision Making

Using Google Scholar or your university library's access to EBSCO, InfoTrac, or other online databases, do a search for recent writings on decentralized decision making and employee empowerment. According to the articles you find in the various management journals, what are the conditions under which decision making should be pushed down to lower levels of management?

Crafting and Executing Strategy, Ch. 12

Corporate Culture

Identify and discuss the key features of a company's corporate culture.

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