Project #84134 - middle ages: discussion exam

category 1:
Prepare 5 six-word sentences below for: C6 After Aristotle
The Transition from Systematic Greek Philosophy to Hellenistic outlook was the result of fundamental social changes.  Explain each the four schools of thought and Neoplatonism.
Cynicism: Do what’s natural repudiate artificial conventions.
Epicureanism: Epicurean hedonism the natural necessary life.
Stoicism: All things that happen are inevitable.
Skepticism: Human reason cannot acquire knowable reality.
Neoplatonism: The One is incomprehensible transcendent Absolute.
category 2:
Prepare 2 six-word sentences for each of the following below from C7 to explain the Cultural Context and the Development of  Christian Thought.

The problem of reason and faith.
-Apostle Paul - Empty rational philosophy depravation of   Christ.
-Justin Martyr -  Philosophy and Christianity God’s Harmon.
-Clement of Alexandria - All truth, philosophy,is one God. God’s work includes Truths of philosophy.
-Tertullian -Logos and reason created the universe (p.133).
-Orthodoxy vs. Heresy - Right belief denies choice or opinion.
-Gnosticism - Jesus is a man not God.
-Manichaean Heresy -Extreme metaphysical dualism of Light, Darkness.
-Arian Heresy (The nature of God) - Father and Son are separate beings.
-Pelagic Heresy (Free will and Sin) - Christianity expresses human moral freedom, choice.

category 3:
Prepare 2-3 six-word sentences for each of the following below from C8.
St. Augustine: Philosophy is service of faith.
Explain the origin of:
-The Will
-The Human purpose

category 4:
Prepare 2-3 six-word sentences for each of the following below from C9. Early Medieval Philosophy:
The Middle Ages: 1000-years between Classical and Modern   philosophy.
-The Church

category 5:
Prepare 1-3 six-word sentences for each of the following below from C10. Philosophy and Theology 11th and 12th Century:

Gothic cathedral: sacred interior profane exterior.
Human beings: sacred soul profane flesh.
-Faith and Reason
-St. Anselm
-Peter Abelard
-Islamic Philosophers

category 6:
Prepare 1-3 six-word sentences from C11.St. Thomas Aquina, Aristotle’s Philosophy, and Christian Thought. for each of the following below:
-Reason and Faith
-Knowledge, Reason, Experience
-Essence Existence

category 7:
Prepare 1-3 six-word sentences from C12.Unraveling of the  Medieval Synthesis for each of the following below:
-John Duns Scotus
-William of Ockham
-Rejection of Natural Theology
-Change in the Methods of Science

(most important category)
Between the Ancient period and the Renaissance is the      Middle Ages. 
For each question, in 120 words, 20 six-word sentences     explain the following:
1.What caused the decline, the darkness of Middle Ages philosophy and science?
2.What caused the progress, the illumination of Renaissance philosophy and science?


Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/30/2015 11:00 am
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