Project #84132 - Accounting (Canadian Tax): Individual’s Employment Status.

This is a canadian (BC) tax course. So you must have knowledge with IT Bulletin, CRA pamphlet, etc...

You are making a tax research case written memo. The person in the case (Valerie) is not sure if she should be considered an employee of Nanny’s R Us or if she is self-employed. She has asked you to help her determine her status.


Prepare a memo to Valerie with your conclusion as to her status. In presenting your answer, be sure to address the tests that are used to determine an individual’s employment status. Use the sample research memo format (memo model) provided as follows:



To: Valerie Jacobs

From: A Tax person

RE: The question that was asked of you

Relevant facts:

State here the facts of the case that relate to the problem

Issue: Identify the problem as you see it

Applicable legislation or


Refer to the relevant legislation, IT Bulletin, CRA pamphlet or guide to substantiate how your arrived at your conclusion. Then state your conclusion. You must draw a conclusion based on the facts of the case and your analysis and interpretation of the reference material that you have found. Do not merely restate or paraphrase the legislation, Bulletin or material.



The Tax Research Case Written Memo:

Valerie Jacobs is a qualified caregiver and Certified Education Assistant (CEA). Valerie is registered with Nannies R Us, an agency specializing in placing caregivers for temporary work when parents are ill or when regular caregivers are not available. When a client calls Nannies R Us, they indicate their needs and time periods that a caregiver is needed for. Nannies R Us then goes through their list of available caregivers to see who is suitable and available and offers them the work. The caregivers have the choice to accept or decline the work.

If Valerie accepts the work offered, she is paid by Nannies R Us at an hourly rate for the work.  Nanny’s R Us does not take off tax, CPP or EI against this income. It is the responsibility of the caregiver to provide their own transportation and certifications. Caregivers are responsible for keeping up to date with their First Aid certificates and general childcare issues. Each caregiver enrolled with Nannies R Us is required to pay for and attend one workshop per year related to general childcare issues as well as an annual seminar put on by Nannies R Us.

While clients dictate any specific instructions for caregiving such as meals or bedtimes, caregivers must adhere to the times specified for the work. They are also expected to maintain the professional behavior standards for caregivers and CEA’s. 

Valerie is currently also working for clients she obtained on her own. She is working two days a week providing childcare to a family of three children and is also working three mornings a week for a client who is physically impaired and who requires general care and attendance. In the past, Valerie has also done housekeeping work to supplement her income.  

Valerie is not sure if she should be considered an employee of Nanny’s R Us or if she is self-employed. She has asked you to help her determine her status.


Thank you so much,,,

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/01/2015 05:00 pm
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