Project #83796 - Literature review (Social work1)


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TOPIC:  Aging ( population)


subpopulation:  Older people in Houston TX.


Article:  Ageing society – a review of strategies for action   (I will send it as an attachment)


Agency Department of Health and Human Services (Area of ageing)


Theories: Theories of Empowerment (Social work empowerment theory)   And Theories of Assimilation, Acculturation, Bicultural Socialization and Ethnic Minority Identity (Assessment, practice strategies and methods.


Text Book:  Robbins, S.P., Chartterjee, P., & Canda, E. (2012). Contemporary human behavior theory: A critical perspective for social work. (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon/Pearson  




A literature review is a summary and analysis of selected content.  For this assignment, you must select a scholarly peer reviewed article that is about a population and/or related to a subpopulation in your agency placement. This assignment will test your comprehension of the material, your ability to apply social work knowledge to real life situations and events, and your ability to analyze and critique selected theories.   


Your literature review should include a brief description of the relevant issue(s) presented in the article you read, as well as integration of the specific terminology and concepts from your textbook.( Contemporary human behavior theory: A critical perspective for social work. (3rd ed.


*Include in bold and underlined in your paper the headings: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion


*You must use 6th edition APA format to cite your sources (at minimum your textbook AND chosen article) CORRECTLY within the text of your paragraphs.  






1. Introduction . What are you reviewing (topic, theme, issue, problem, etc.) and explain why you chose it for this assignment.  **This is not necessarily the title of your chosen article.  Here you are briefly discussing the overarching topic, theme, issues, problem, etc. that seems to be somewhat massive in scope (macro level). 


2. Explain why you believe this (topic, theme, issue, problem etc.) falls into social work’s purview?  **Think about the principles and values social work is built upon as you address this.   


3. Succinctly describe the population most impacted and why?  How does this population or subpopulation fit in with your agency? 


Body 3. Summarize what your chosen article is about and its relevance to the identified population. 


4. Identify and provide descriptions of the two theories you selected in addition to each theory’s primary assumptions.  Explain how and why you decided on these two theories.


5. Discuss what each of these theories interpret, predict, clarify, and/or conclude about human behavior in the context of the selected topic, theme, issue, problem, etc.  Address what these theories have to say about the resultant human behavior.  **This section can all be drawn from your text.  It is up to you to determine whether your selected theories can interpret, predict, clarify and/or conclude; you don’t have to address all four avenues.  Feel free to incorporate additional sources here if they assist in being able to better explain your chosen theories and observable and/or anticipated human behavior, be sure to cite them on the reference page.   


6. Conclusion Discuss at minimum one strength and one limitation of each of your two selected theories and potentially why these strengths and limitations exist.  Identify how the observed strengths and limitations influence the theory’s ability to interpret, predict, clarify, and/or conclude about human behavior in this context.  **You do not have to address all four avenues underlined.     


7.  For each theory, format your topic, theme, issue, problem, etc., impacted population or individual to the appropriate flowcharts.  **Construct this as two visual diagrams.  Use the information you have researched to briefly fill in each section of the flowchart.  Take the direction in your flowchart you believe most appropriate based on what you know and go as far as you can based on the route you take.  Attach them to the back of your paper right before your reference page.    


            Theories Use these theories for the paper.


  1.  Theories of Assimilation, Acculturation, Bicultural Socialization and Ethnic Minority Identity


  1. Assessment, practice strategies and methods.




  1. Theories of Empowerment


  1.  Social work empowerment theory


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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/04/2015 12:00 am
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