Project #83619 - Quantitative reasoning and society

    1. Using the module readings and your two additional media sources as context, begin to analyze the summary statistics (from Step 2) you calculated.

ï‚· Write an introductory statement about measuring crime, specifically the index crime of your choice.

o Explain why it is important for residents to know the data about the index crime you chose; and if it is realistically possible to account for all incidents.

    • ï‚·  Introduce the NYC and LA context; how does each municipality measure and report crime data?

    • ï‚·  In a paragraph form, discuss changes in crime during the period you have identified by

      introducing your summary statistics.

    • ï‚·  Explain your data visualization in the context of your analysis (see requirements below).

    • ï‚·  Consider the measurability of the given index crime and report how the numbers may be

      incomplete or are as complete as possible.

    • ï‚·  Compare and contrast your summary statistics to those reported / evaluated in the media

pieces from the module and research.


School of Professional Studies – QUAN 201 Signature Assignment I: Crime Trend Lines

  • ï‚·  Discuss the generalizations, if any, that can be drawn about the crime from the various sources (i.e. textbook chapter, media analyses/journalism, official data, your summary statistics and visualization)

  • ï‚·  Answer the question: Is it appropriate to compare Los Angeles to New York City?

o Explain why it is appropriate and why it may not be appropriate (think of the social!)

ï‚· Conclude by
o Making a decision about where you prefer to move to, and
o Defend that position by contextualizing the decision on the quantitative analysis you

have completed (using the data to support the decision made).

Paper Requirements

  1. Synopsis of arguments from Measuring Crime, NYTimes (media) pieces on NYPD statistics and LAPD statistics from your own research

  2. Data visualization (see Step 2 above): Graph for New York City and Los Angeles incidents (2 series of data in 1 chart). The chart should be pasted within the body of the text‐but note that it does not count toward the page count.

  3. Data analysis (see Step 2 above): Summary statistics about your chosen Index Crime

o Range for Year 1 (2001) through Year 10 (2010) for each city
o Rate of change between 2010 and 2001 as a percent for each city o Rate of change between 2010 and 2009 as a percent for each city

o Mean of incident count for the 10‐year period, Median of incident count for the 10‐year period for each city

o Create a table with the frequency of your index crime per city per year (see above)

  1. Analysis (as detailed in Analysis Guidelines above)

  2. DUE Saturday, October 2, 11:59pm ET

Paper Formatting (standard)

  1. Word Document file – attached for assignment submission

  2. 3 pages of text (approximately 1650 words, excluding charts and reference list)

  3. 1” Margins

  4. Standard font (i.e. 12pt Times New Roman, 11pt Calibri)

  5. Introduction – Body – Conclusion

  6. 1 Chart (NYC to LA incident timeline)

o Units
o Labeled x‐ and y‐axis o Legend
o Title
o Data source footnote

7. Reference List – APA formatting

Remember: Edit your work before submitting it to ensure correct use of grammar, spelling and word choice, and a cohesive narrative. Avoid simply responding to the guideline questions in succession; your writing should form a narrative guided by the questions above. This means that in addition to your work being accurate it should read smoothly in your unique, analytical voice. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/02/2015 11:58 pm
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