Project #8359 - Leadership Styles, Aristotle and Leadership, and Leadership vs. Management


Leadership Styles, Aristotle and Leadership, and Leadership vs. Management


Martin Luther King was one of the great orators of the 20th centuries, and his style has been used as a model for many, including President Barack Obama.  In this SLP assignment, you will analyze MLK's style and compare it to your own.

Required Reading

Please read Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham Jail at:


Then, drawing on the material in the background readings and doing additional research, please write a 2-3 page paper in which you

Analyze the leadership and oratory styles of Martin Luther King Jr. through the lense of ethos, logos, and pathos, and compare his styles to your own

Keys to the Assignment

The key aspects of this assignment that, at a minimum, should be covered in your paper include:

  •  Examples of how Martin Luther King used ethos, logos, and pathos in his powerful and highly influential letter.  
  • How do you / can you incorporate what you have learned about ethos, legos, and pathos into your own leadership activities to increase your influence as a leader?

Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated on the following seven (7) points:

  • Precision - Does the paper address the question(s) or task(s)? 
  • Breadth - Is the full breadth of the subject, i.e., the Keys to the Assignment, addressed?  
  • Depth - Does the paper address the topic in sufficient depth and include the background readings and other background resources as references? 
  • Critical thinking - Is the subject thought about critically, i.e., accurately, logically, relevantly, and precisely?
  • Clarity - Is the writing clear and are the concepts articulated properly? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of responding to the questions or are points conveyed through excessive use of quotations? 
  • Organization - Is the paper well written?  Are the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for graduate-level work?  Are headings included in all papers longer than two pages?
  • Referencing (citations and references) - Does the paper include citations and quotation marks where appropriate?  Are the references from the background readings and assignment present and properly cited?  Are all the references listed in the bibliography present and referred to via citation? 
  • Application - Are the concepts of the module appropriately applied to the subject?

Tips and Suggestions

Please note the following tips or suggestions:

  • Include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the 2-3 pages of analysis described above.
  • Include headings for all papers greater than 2 pages (basically all papers), but do not use headings as "space fillers."
  • You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be answered one by one and left at that.
  • You should synthesize information and present a concise and meaningful paper.
  • Cite AND reference all sources that you use in your work, including those that you do not quote but paraphrase.  This means include citations and quotation marks for direct quotes of more than 5 words, and citations for that information which you have "borrowed" or paraphrased from other sources.


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Due By (Pacific Time) 07/02/2013 12:00 am
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