Project #83589 - networking concepts

Assessment item 3
Assignment 2
Value: 19%
Due date: 26-Sep-2015
Return date: 17-Oct-2015
Submission method options
Alternative submission method

1. How does the WiMAX privacy sublayer provide security for a WiMAX network? [5 marks]

2. How does CSMA/CA in DCF handle media contention? [5 marks]

3. Telestra is a company that is licensed to provide wired telecommunication services in Australia. The company has contracted Exetel to assist it with the selection and implementation of a new field service system. The goal is to provide service technicians with wireless access to the corporate network and a vast electronic library of technical manuals and schematic diagrams, which would reduce or eliminate the need for staff to carry a large number of books and drawings, especially while servicing equipment underground or when climbing on transmission towers. In addition, this means that the technicians would be able to immediately read and update the records for all the equipment, thereby avoiding massive amounts of paperwork as well as potential errors and omissions. However, the company is having trouble deciding on which technology to adopt- handheld cellular, tables with 3G or 4G access, or notebooks equipped with cellular cards. Exetel has asked you to help.

-Create a presentation outlining the advantages for Telestra of using digital cellular handsets or cellular wireless cards. Determine the ability of the smaller cellular handsets (as opposed to notebook computers, which may be difficult to carry everywhere) to display standard PC documents such as Word, Excel, and PDF files, and evaluate how this could help the company. Because the group you will be presenting to is composed of nontechnical manager, be sure your presentation is understandable by both technical and non-technical personnel. Limit yourself to a maximum of 15 PowerPoint slides. [9 marks]

To demonstrate your understanding of:
  • wireless networks terminology and technology;
  • planning and performing wireless network site survey;
  • wireless network security;
  • emerging mobile network technologies;
  • research skills;
  • Provide citation and referencing based on CSU guidelines
Marking criteria
For Question 1 and Question 2, the following rubric will be used to mark:


Question HD (100%-85%) DI (84%-75%) CR (74%-65%) PS (64%-50%)
Q 1 – Q 2 Answer is correct, and complete. Comprehensive explanation is provided with appropriate example. Appropriate figures were used, if applicable. Appropriate reference style is used. No grammatical or spelling mistake. Answer is correct and a detailed explanation is provided. References are used. No/only a few grammatical or spelling mistakes. The answer is correct, but the explanation is not complete. Very few references are used and not formatted appropriately. The answer is correct but not complete and only adequate explanation is provided. No references are used. There are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


In addition, the following rubric will be used to mark Question 3:


Area HD (100%-85%) DI (84%-75%) CR (74%-65%) PS(64%-50%)
Style: Flow, tone, word choice Slides are smooth, skillfull, and coherent. Sentences are strong and expressive with varied structure. Consistent and appropriate tone and word choice is used throughout the slides. Sense language is used to "show, not tell" the reader what is being described. Slides are clear and sentences have varied structure. There is consistent tone and word choice is appropriate with fairly good use of sense language to create imagery. Slides are clear, but sentences may lack variety. The tone is inconsistent and word choice, while adequate, could be better. While sense language is used, it is not very effective in creating imagery Slides appear rushed or underdeveloped.
Quality of the Study Study was done in-depth and the beyond the obvious, revealing new insights gained. Author clearly identified the way of the research approaching by the other researchers and clearly predicts in which way the research would be going in future. Study was in a sufficient depth. Authors identified the research progression, and produce speculation of future research on the topic with lack of confidence. Surface study is performed. Author presented mainly description of different research and showed the correlations of the research of the topic. However, the authors failed to speculate the future trends of the research. Minimal study is performed. The research consists predominantly of information collection, and making simple correlations of different research work on the topic.



Please write the answers in a word document and submit it via TURNITIN. Use Times new roman/Palatino Linotype/Calibri/Cambria/Arial fonts using 10 to 12 font size.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/26/2015 12:00 am
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