Project #83506 - Situational Analysis

Choose a simple message that can be communicated to two different audiences.  Complete a situational analysis for each audience/message, and then write each message.

using the Situational Analysis template. 

 Sample below:


·         Clean up your area


1.       neighbors/homeowners in the neighborhood association

2.       employees in my department



Audience 1 – Neighbors

Audience 2 – Employees


Clean up your property.

Clean up areas around desks in our open office space.


To get certain households in the development to clean their yards, as per the association's bylaws.  There are approximately 5 properties of the 20 in the association that need more extensive external cleaning of tree limbs, grass, brush, and stuff piled on lawns, etc., but other properties could use some cleaning as well.

To get all employees to take more care with their surroundings; messy piles of paper and supplies as well as plants and personal items have proliferated around many of the desks


Adult homeowners in the association, most of whom are in their 40s and 50s and many of whom have been living there for at least 10 years.  Two of the five properties that need more extensive cleaning are owned by couples in their 70s and 80s.

Adults ranging from their mid-20s through mid-50s, more females than males.  About half of the employees have been with this department for over five years, and the others are relatively new to this department but not to the organization, as the organization condensed departments recently in a downsizing.  It's mostly the folks newer to this department who are messier - they all had more space in their former work areas, so are trying to fit into much smaller spaces.  But a few of the longer-term workers have messes around their desks as well.


Neighborhood Association Chair

Department Director


Reasonable, persuasive

Straightforward, polite, firm



Letter to start (progress to discussion at an association meeting if letters do not work.)

E-mail to start (progress to individual discussions if e-mail does not work.)

Organizational Context

The neighborhood association for this housing development has a set of bylaws that require neat property exteriors, with lawns mowed, shrubs and trees trimmed, and no excessive lawn decorations or personal possessions displayed on the property.

I am in charge of this department.  Because the department handles customer service for the whole organization, we often are visited by other department heads and sometimes even higher-up administrators.  We are also located in an area that leads to one of our main conference rooms.  So we need to keep a neat, professional appearance at all times.  Additionally, there are safety concerns because both office and personal materials are in some passageways. 


These are my neighbors and I have to live with them.  I don't want to create any problems.  But in my role as chair of the neighborhood association, I am also charged with enforcing the bylaws.  The problem is that the bylaws do not include any fine or result if people do not comply.  I need to get compliance soon, as the mess on these five properties has gotten noticeable.  I especially need to act because one of the houses in the development is up for sale, so the whole area needs to look presentable.

I am the "new boss" for half of the employees.  I am committed to getting all employees in the department to work together as a team, so don't want to seem to target just the newer people, especially because 1-2 of the "older" people also have issues with mess at their work stations. 



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/27/2015 12:00 pm
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