Project #83412 - design principles scavenger hunt

Thurs, September 24, before the start of class (5:45 pm).

Submit to appropriate folder on D2L > Dropbox.


Related Learning Objectives

Create multiple media projects that demonstrate an

understanding of the principles of interactive design


1. Collect Examples

Find both an analog and digital example for each of

the following design principles:

• discoverability

• affordance

• signifier

• mapping

• feedback

• constraint


In total, you should have 12 images, 6 analogue

examples and 6 digital examples. Some examples

may be applicable to multiple principles, but you

should find a unique example for each principle.

Your examples cannot be the same as examples

used in our assigned readings nor in slides from class

presentations. You should source your own unique


Analog examples should be photos, preferably that

you have taken yourself. Examples should capture an

example that’s main interaction is not digital. An

example with a digital component is acceptable, as

long as the digital element is not the focus.

Digital examples should be screenshots, preferably

that you have taken yourself. Screenshots can come

from any device (i.e. laptop, phone, tablet,

etc.) Photos of a digital screen that you cannot

screenshot will also be acceptable as long as they are



2. Compile + Document

Compile the images in a single document. For each

principle, write the (a) principle’s name and a brief,

1-2 sentence (b) explanation of the principle in your

own words. Then add the (c) 2 images (analogue and

digital) that exemplify that principle. Below each

image write a brief 2-3 sentence (d) explanation of

image and why it is a good example of the



Submission Formatting

 I would like the final your final submission in the form

of a .pdf. You can use any software program that you

feel comfortable with to create the document (i.e.

Word, Powerpoint, Illustrator, etc), as long as yo can

save a .pdf from the program.

Formatting example:




 This assignment is worth 100 points. A paper that

reasonably responds to all  of the instructions will

generally receive 83 to 89 points. A critique that

consists of thoughtful and well-edited answers will

merit 90-93 points, and, for some outstanding

critique, 95-100 points.



 An outstanding submission will:

•  Follow the assignment directions correctly and


•  Be submitted on time.

•  Reflect an appropriate and professional tone.

(Don’t use language that is too casual.)

•  Display clear, well-documented images of


•  Reflect an understanding of the principles.

•  Provide interesting and insightful analysis of

the chosen examples.

•  Be well organized and edited, and have a

professional, neat presentation. (For example,

use fonts and spacing consistently, use

headings to organize the text)


Grading Scale

A 93.00% Excellent/Outstanding effort

A- 90.00% Very Good

B+ 88.00%

B 83.00% Good

B- 80.00%

C+ 78.00%

C 73.00% Satisfactory

C- 70.00%

D+ 68.00%

D 60.00%

F 0.00%


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/23/2015 11:00 pm
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