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4. Annotated Bibliography on A Community Issue/Topic (45 points) and Compiling of Resources/Services (30 points) and Presentation (25 points)

Student will conduct research on a chosen topic/issue and present the information found and share services/resources in the discussion board to the class about child, family and community issue or crisis. You will find suggested topics as you scroll down.   You can find detailed guideline and grading rubric in “Research Project” tab. Please read the guideline and instruction carefully.

The written part:  The students will choose an issue or topic from the list below then research and find 5 articles/references, 2 must be a professional/scholarly journal and the rest must be from reputable sources. The sources/articles must focus on how the issue has an effect and affect on the child and the family. The articles and references can be located at VVC college library, or you will find the link in blackboard. The students will write an annotated bibliography using APA Descriptive Style on each source/ article, in total of five sources. When writing the annotated bibliography, students must integrate the information about the interrelationship between child, family and community. Please go to “research project” tab to see how to write annotated bibliography. I have included two documents: (1) using the library (2) annotated bibliography. 


In addition to five annotated bibliographies, students will locate, identify, compile and write report on five community services/resources/agencies that provide supportive services to the child and their families. The services/resources must be an issue/topic that the students have chosen.  The community services/community resources must be within the student’s loco neighborhood, surrounding neighborhood, and/or County such as Inland Empire or San Bernardino County. Students must record/report the information about the community services/community resources in provided format. Below you will see the format and is called Community Service/ Resource Summary report format below as well as in “Research project” tab.      (Send via blackboard as an attachment; do not e-mail)

For example, a student chooses an issue/topic of “Divorce.” The student then will find five articles/reference/sources, in the library website, relating to divorce, specifically the affect on the child and the family.  Once the student has found five articles/references/sources, and then the student will write an annotated bibliography using APA style for each article/reference/source. After that, student will locate and compile five community services/resources/agencies that can support the child and the family who are affected by divorce.

The presentation part:  The presentation component will be presented in the discussion board as Week 16 Discussion.  The student can use any format to present his/her topic (example:  PowerPoint, outline, etc.).  In the presentation also includes the information about the resources/services.  Have fun with it and be creative.  The presentation should be presented in a creative manner and will be graded on the criteria of clarity of presentation, thoughtful and logical argument, quality of evidence, readiness and overall quality. Discussion board grading criteria applied. Guidelines will be provided in discussion boardMust post the presentation by Thursday, December 17 


Suggested Research topic/Community Resources






Changing roles of men and women




Father’s role

Hearing impaired




Vision impaired




Physical disability



Domestic violence

Mental disability



Foster Care








Child abuse

Substance abuse:  Alcohol abuse



Teen parenting

Drug abuse



Single parenting




Blended families (step parenting)




Intergenerational relationships

Teen pregnancy



Latchkey Child

Teen suicide



English as a Second language




Special Education





Juvenile Delinquency










Students must follow the below Agency/Resource summary report for the 5 agencies relating to topic/issue.

                             Resource Summary Report
(Note: must have 5 forms/reports, meaning you must compile 5 resources/services in your community that related to your topic/issue that support and provide services for the child and the family; Be sure to complete the form/report thoroughly, I don’t want to see any “NA,” provide description for each) The form is provided for you in “research tab”

Name of Agency/Resource:  _________________________________________________

Philosophy:            ___________________________________________________________


Phone Number/Fax/e-mail:  _________________________________________________

Contact person: ___________________________________________________________

Hours of operation:            ______________________________________________________

Fees:                            ______________________________________________________

Type of facility: __________________________________________________________

Who the agency is run by:___________________________________________________

Description of services available:_____________________________________________

Qualifications for use of services or clientele serve: ______________________________

Staffing: ________________________________________________________________

Staff qualifications:            ______________________________________________________

Do they use volunteers? (If yes, how so?) ______________________________________

Volunteer Requirements: ___________________________________________________

Share your thoughts on this agency’s services?  Do you feel they adequately meet the needs of their clients?  Why or why not? How does this agency support the child and the family? (Provide specific details to support your statements).  What recommendations do you have for improvement? (You must discuss this part thoroughly.. Essential!!!) _____________________________________________________________

Any other pertinent information: __________________________________



·       First line:   Provide a topic for approval. You will say, "My topic is ......."   

·       Second line.... Then eexplain why this topic is important? When explaining do not use “I” “me” “my,” pleasereframe from using all those…. You can write “This topic or issue is important because ……..”

·       Why did you choose the topic?  Once again do not use “I” “me” “my,” please reframe from using all those…. You can write “This topic/issue is being chosen for research is/are because……”

·       Why this topic is relevant to children birth through eight? “This topic/issue is relevant to children birth through eight is because……..

·         Identifying what aspect of the general topic is being researched. “The research question for the selected topics is/are…. “(must be specific)

·       Note:  Remember, when stating the reason and the relevancy you may not use personal statement, must reframe for using “I” “Me” “My” etc. (Ex. The reason for choosing the topic of “….” Is….. The selected topic is relevant to children 0-8 in that…….. Also, the suggested topic that I have provided and you have selected/chosen is broad so, you need to identify specific research question that you want to research base on that topic/issue. For example: You have chosen a topic of "Divorce." Base on that, you have to come up with specific research question relating to Divorce. The affect of......., etc.

·       Then.... Need to provide specific feedback to  3 classmates' introduction as well. 


For example: This is how you could write your introduction… This is what I am looking for week 4 research introduction

The topic being research is ……….. This topic/issue is important because……..The reason for choosing this issue/topic is/are …….. This issue/topic is relevant to children birth through eight is because…… The specific research question for the issue/topic is the affect the issue/ topic has on…

See below samples introduction:

Sample 1:

The topic being researched is the effects on children entering the foster system. This topic/issue is important because California has the highest rate of children in the foster system in the United States. The reason for choosing this issue is the lasting affects that the child experiences growing up in the foster system. This issue is relevant to children birth through eight because if children are not reunited with parents or placed into an adoptive home they are at risk of being moved from home to home until they turn 18. The specific research question for the issue is the affect the issue has on a child who spends his/her adolescent life in the foster system without being reunited with their family or adopted.

Sample 2:

The topic being researched is child sexual abuse. This issue is important because of the devastating harm and damage that is done to children and their future sexual response, both emotionally and physically. The reason for choosing this topic is because child sexual abuse is often hidden due to the victim's guilt, fear, and shame, so caregivers need to be educated about possible symptoms of abuse and how to respond. This issue is relevant to children, birth through age eight and older, because children and teenagers are vulnerable to sexual abuse in every social and cultural group and must be protected. The specific research question for this issue is to determine the effect sexual abuse has on children and teenagers, both emotionally and physically, and to educate caregivers on the possible symptoms of abuse.

If you follow the above script/format and samples then you will be fine. No Stress.






Week 4 - Week of September 21-27

Selecting an Issue/Topic for the research (Topic approval and Introduction)

The issue/topic you select should be relevant to young children, age 0-8, and their families. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. You will find some suggested Research/Community Issues and Resources in your syllabus as well as in the "Research Annotated Bibliography project" tab. You may select your own issue that is relevant to young children and their families but the instructor will need to approve your topic. Select a topic that you find interesting. 

Remember: For your complete/final annotated bibliography you must research 5 sources (articles, magazines, books, journal, etc.) and 2 must be from Scholarly/Professional Journal. Be sure to do a little research about what is Scholarly/Professional Journal by visiting our VVC library website.

You don't need to include the sources for introduction but it will be great to see that you have collected some sources. 

For this week, week 4 

- You will choose an issue or topic for your annotated bibliography research project. You will explain why you select the topic/issue. Be specific and provide concert explanation as to why you select the topic. Please don't say Because I feel like it or I want to." Click on the thread to see specific instruction and example.. follow provided instruction and format. Also, go to the "Research...." tab to look at sample introduction. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/03/2015 12:00 am
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