Project #83329 - Implement a 5-channel TDM-PCM transmitter and receiver.

Looking to spend $100 Project elaboration:

The first step in implementation of the PCM-TDM receiver is to separate the code words of the various combined signals. For this reason, you need one Serial-to-Parallel converter.

IC 74164 is an 8-bit serial input-parallel output shift register that works opposite to IC 74165. Each separated 8-bit code word at the output of 74164 belongs to one user.

These code words then must be converted to analog samples. This process is done in analog-to-digital converter (DAC). You need to take one generic 8-bit DAC.

The analog samples of different users must be separated in a round robin fashion. 4017 IC or any similar ring counter is a good mean to do so. So, the output of DAC should be connected to all inputs of 5 analog channels, when each switch is closed only for a portion of time as it polls the relevant signal. You may use 4066 or 4016 ICs as analog switch.

The last step is to reconstruct the original signal. You should use low pass filters for this reason.

MultiSIM has good resources to create filters. To use this feature, as is shown below, use filter wizard from Tool menu.


Select the proper filter based on the required cut-off frequency and probably the desirable gain.



You need to write a detailed lab report and upload your simulation MultiSIM file along with your project write-up. This is due in Unit 5.

Your project is preferred to be prepared in IEEE format (Information on IEEE format is in the course resources section of the Moodle shell). Your project must have:

  • Project mission or abstract
  • Introduction (to the principles of operation of PCM)
  • System design steps:
    • Include receiver circuit and explain its operation
    • Include the transmitter which you made with the given explanations
  • Results:
    • Please include the oscilloscope’s snapshots. Please crop and just keep the oscilloscope’s screen and the cursors information parts.
    • You may compare the ADC and DAC as discussed in Lab #3.
    • You need to compare the original signal and the reconstructed signal.
  • Discussion:
    • Discuss about the bandwidth of TDM-PCM
    • Discuss about the effect of sampling rate and the precision of the ADC.
  • Conclusion
  • References

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/27/2015 03:00 pm
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