Project #83212 - Terminal Design Concept


The purpose of an airport terminal is to accommodate passengers transferring between ground transportation and the facilities that they use to board and disembark from aircraft. There are a variety of airport terminal designs used in airports throughout the world. Before an efficient terminal design is selected, an in-depth analysis examining possible considerations is conducted. In this assignment you will examine many terminal design concepts and select an appropriate terminal design based on the considerations given.


A new airport is being constructed. Research a variety of airport terminal design concepts. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each design. After careful analysis of the considerations below you will have the opportunity to decide which terminal design concept would be most appropriate to use at your new airport and why. After you have selected a terminal design concept (or a hybrid of designs) write a 1-2 page summary of why you selected this particular design and why it is the most appropriate and efficient design given the considerations.

Terminal Design Concepts (select one or a hybrid of a few)

Pier Satellite Design
Pier Finger Design
Remote Satellite Design
Transporter Design
Semicircular (Curvilinear) Design
Linear Design

Major considerations for new airport

Short walking distances for passengers
A clear orientation
Simple construction
Adequate curb length
Short close-out times
Low baggage system costs using decentralized system
Low probability for growth in near future
Low cost 
Mostly domestic passengers
Low number of transfer passengers
Very few retail businesses


Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:

  • 10 Points – It is obvious a variety of terminal designs have been researched and analyzed.
  • 15 Points – Summary includes a clear explanation as to why you selected a specific (or hybrid) terminal design based on the considerations provided. Rationale used in summary demonstrates an accurate critical thinking (problem solving) solution.
  • 5 Points – Summary is 1-2 pages, doubled spaced, 12 point font and there is a limited amount of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • 30 Points Total

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/30/2015 12:00 am
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