Project #83209 - Snow Storm Case Study


It is imperative for Airport Management to ensure the safety of operations at their facilities during intense snowstorms and other bad weather situations. This involves job performance according to accepted principles, ensuring a high standard of care, providing standards requiring state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and maintaining qualified crews. For your assignment you will be expected to develop a viable snow and ice control plan based off of the provided case study.


For this assignment (500-850 words) you will develop a snow and ice control plan based on the case study information provided below. Remember to make sure safety is your first priority. Research appropriate snow removal procedures and examine assigned readings to develop an effective snow and ice control plan.

Snowstorm Case Study:
Early February, 4:38pm, An Airport in Minnesota. 
Your Role: Airport Operations Supervisor

A very strong, localized lake effect snowstorm has occurred at the airport you manage. In a 28-hour period approximately 19 inches of snowfall have already been recorded. Your snowplow operators are tired as they have been removing snow on and off for over a day.
Although most runways are now open, they were closed and planes were grounded for 3 hours earlier this morning. There have been dozens of delayed and cancelled flights.
Another snowstorm is expected to hit the airport around midnight. Passengers are becoming very anxious and frustrated as they realize the may have to spend the night at the airport.  

Consider the criteria below when developing your plan

Snow and Ice Control Procedures
Runway Condition Reporting
Appropriate Time to Implement Plan
Aircraft Deicing Procedures
Snow Equipment to be Used
Communications to Passengers and Airport/Airline Staff
Snow Disposal
Wind Conditions
Weather Information Sources
Documentation and Charting


Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:

  • 5 Points – Plan consists of 500-850 words and is free from grammatical and spelling errors.
  • 15 Points – Plan adequately addresses a minimum of 5 out of the 10 criteria requirements. Plan is based off of provided case study and provides accurate and sufficient details of an effective snow and ice control plan.
  • 10 Points - It is obvious an ample amount of research and analysis has been done in regards to understanding the components of an effective snow and ice control plan.
  • 30 Points Total

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/26/2015 12:00 am
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