Project #83171 - International Studies - NB: Follow Guidelines!

1. No Less Than 600 words


Please relate concepts and topics about this week's topic  to two (2) current or recent news stories that are at least a page (or 600 words) long. 


 Please use to locate the recent news stories (within the last 6 months)   one from a “Western” media source and the other from a “Non-Western” media source pertaining to the same topic or story. For example, an article about “Apple Computer in China” as reported by the New York Times and the same story as reported by the China Daily.


Please give a full-citation for each news media source you use. For the format of the citation, please see (Lenker til en ekstern side.)


Write your analysis of the news article (2-3 pages), addressing the questions below from the material in your two sources. 


Be specific in your analysis. Use examples from the news story as “text” to support/extend/illustrate your observation.



News story topic(s): 
Citation for source #1: 
Citation for source #2: 




1. Describe who you think is the intended audience for source #1 and for source #2. (Give a demographic profile of  audience characteristics such as nationalities (citizens of what states or countries); gender; religions; political party or  ideological affiliation). Explain how you determined these audience characteristics. For example, give a quotation from the article from which you inferred an audience characteristic.


2.  What values, experiences, and perspectives are assumed to be shared by the audiences? How do these shared values, experiences, or perspectives influence their understanding or interpretation of the article?  

3. What do you find convincing and what not, and how does that relate to your own identities (we all have multiple identities), beliefs, and values.  

2.  Around 600 words


Please read the following from the internet:

  • Unit 4 / Issue 4.2 - ISSUE:  Does Globalization Increase Inequity?
    • YES:   Vandana Shiva, from “Globalization and Poverty,” an interview with Gary Null of NPR, Global Research (December 30, 2008)
    • NO:     Laurence Chandy and Geoffrey Gertz, from “With Little Notice, Globalization Reduced Poverty,” YaleGlobal Online (July 5, 2011)

Please write a paragraph or two to address the following questions and concerns.  Please post them and then respond to at least two other postings.

1 How do you view the contrasting perspectives put forth by these two articles Can both positions be valid? Please give several reasons to support your perspective.

2 What is the relationship between globalization and the other issues raised by Vandava Shiva? 

3 What do you find most convincing and least convincing in each article?

3. No requirements, use own words and creativity!

Instructions:Please write a reflection report on (Lenker til en ekstern side.)


WHAT? [Describe the speaker’s main ideas and themes. What impressed you? What emotions did you feel?]

SO WHAT? [What difference did the speaker or the discussion make for you? What was significant, important or meaningful to you? Did you learning something new about yourself, or other people or cultures? Did you learn something unexpected or surprising?]

NOW WHAT? [As a result of this experience and your reflections, how does this change your thinking? What action will you take? Describe what you will do, individually (personally), and what you will do collectively (in a group or with others)?]

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/23/2015 08:00 pm
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