Project #82604 - Psychology Rough Draft Final

Keep in mind we might have to work together on this. This is also a rough draft so i will most likely need you again after this assignment. 


Stage 1: Draft Applied Final Project


In an effort to help you successfully complete the Applied Final Project, one of your course assignments will be to submit "stage 1" of it for review. This involves preparing the following portion of the assignment as a draft and submitting it for feedback as a graded assignment

This is an effort to keep you on this very important task and to assist you with feedback on the draft you submit. Stage 1 is due on the date noted on the syllabus; late papers will be accepted up to 2 days beyond the deadline at a penalty of 5 points per day. Papers submitted beyond this time will not be graded but will be reviewed and feedback provided.


The Stage 1 Draft: Applied Final Project is exactly the same as the Applied Final Project without the Personal Reflection section. This piece is added when you revise your draft and submit as your Applied Final project.

Here are the directions for the Applied Final Project:

 Late Policy: This paper is due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the date noted on the syllabus. Papers submitted after that time will receive a 5-point per day late penalty. After 5 days beyond the due date, papers will not be accepted.  

  The project is an integrative assignment in support of the three learning outcomes for the course:

1) explain and evaluate major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and    historical and emerging trends

            2) evaluate assessment procedures used in personality research and theories

             3) explain how personality theories can be applied in predicting behavior  

You will develop a "scrapbook" for the course which uses weekly course content as a basis for inspiration.  You are required to find new resources to complete this project and may not use any class materials, pictures, articles, videos, etc. The grading rubric used follows this description. You must assemble the scrapbook as follows:

1.   Provide a cover sheet with course and personal information and actual date submitted.

2.   Provide a table of contents (include weekly content title) of your scrapbook in APA format with page numbers. For example, one chapter entry might be:

Chapter 1: Trait Theory ………………. 13-15


3.   Choose five (5) of the weekly content areas that appeal to you the most; your choice may include material not yet covered in the course. Provide the following items for each chapter you create:

a.  One picture (graphic format is not important) that you believe best captures the concepts presented in the content area.

b. Two Web sites with two to three sentences that describe the Web site for each chapter. Web sites may provide different types of information to support chapters (online tests, exercises, articles, etc.)

c. One article summary (the article must be at least two pages in length) in your own words from a peer-reviewed psychology journal for each content area you choose. You must include a means of gaining access to a copy of the article      (e.g., the appropriate doi or an active hyperlink) in the references section. Direct quotes from the article are not allowed. You must describe the article (topic, methods & findings). You may not use book chapters nor websites.

d. A summary of three to five paragraphs describing why you chose the pictures, Web sites, and articles.

4.   A five- to seven-page (double-spaced) personal reflection paper. You must include at least two references (citations within the paper). The reflection paper is your chance to describe how you interpret and understand the material in the course. Please incorporate theories, constructs and research findings from the course content in your reflection. Include any thoughts about how you perceive you can use the information learned from the course. Paper is to use standard margins and 12 point font. This section will be graded on the following areas:

a.   Content (including required minimum page length)

b.   Organization

c.   Writing mechanics and style

Please note #4 Personal Reflection is not included in the Draft Applied Final Project Assignment.

Create the project in the word processing software with which you are most familiar. Then you can convert the entire file into a PDF (portable document file), which will allow the document to be read more easily. All of your unique formatting features will be retained by converting to PDF. You can convert using one of two options:

1. You can do it online at:     No submissions via email as an attachment!

2. You can go to the online resource above and download a copy of the software for free (PDFConverter Desktop). 

3. Submit through your Assignment Folder/Dropbox!





Applied Final Project Rubric for Scrapbook (First Part)


Cover sheet – identifying class and personal information – (5 points)


Table of contents – (5 points)






One picture for each chapter that you believe best represents the concepts of the weekly content(5 points each, 25 points total)






Two Web sites for each chapter with two to three sentences describing each Web site – (2.5 points for each Web site, 25 points total)






One article summary for each chapter (the article must be at least two pages in length) (5 points each, 25 points total)






Three to five paragraphs for each chapter describing why you chose the pictures, Web sites, and articles – (5 points each, 25 points total)


No direct quotes may be used in draft nor final projects!











Stage 1 Draft: Applied Final Project Grading Rubric      40 points possible.

Points are assigned on the basis of completion of the above elements (e.g., picture, weblinks, article




30-40 pts    

Draft follows format above and all or most elements of rubric; significant progress toward end product noted

20-29 pts    

Draft follows some elements of rubrics; much work needed to bring in line with project guidelines and progress toward end product

19 pts and below

Draft needs significant revision; does not meet standards; Stage 1 Draft only minimally completed

0 pts            

No submission

Late Penalty

5 pts/day penalty up to 2 days beyond DUE DATE; after this period, paper is read and feedback provided but no pts earned






Structure for Stage 1: Draft Applied Final Project (no Reflection Section)

Use the required format below as a structure for your draft. It will remain the same for the Final Project:











I.** Cover Sheet

II. Table of Contents

III. Chapters   (Repeat required following order/structure for each of 5 content areas selected)

 Course Content Title for Your Chapter  (e.g. Chapter 1:  Personality Disorders)

Picture Representing Content

Website #1 Title & Link

        Description of Website

Website #2 Title & Link

        Description of Website

Full Article Citation in APA Format

        doi link

        Article Summary

3-5 Paragraph Summary: Summary of three to five paragraphs describing why you chose

the pictures, Web sites, and  articles. Paragraphs must be longer than two sentences.


IV. References (Last page of paper that includes all references for project. Do not include a reference page after each chapter in scrapbook.)


**Please do not use Roman Numerals in paper next to items as seen above; they are used here simply to highlight different areas of the scrapbook

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/24/2015 12:00 am
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