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Assignment - Written Assignment

  • Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Weight: 80% 60
  • Exam Constraints:
  • Criteria & Marking:

    The following criteria will be used for marking.

    1. Clarity and completeness of activity.
    2. Completness of assessment plan.
    3. Development and Design of assessment items/instruments.
    4. Degree and appropriateness of appraisal.
    5. Adequacy of assessment accommodations.
    6. Presentation of the assignment, standard of expression and referencing.
  • Description:

    Length: 3500 words


    Present a case study on the assessment of learners in relation to a specific element of training or education. The element will be either: a skills set, unit of competency, subject, course or professional development activity.

    In this case study you will:

    ·     Provide an overview of the learners, learning element and context

    ·     Design and develop an assessment plan

    ·     Rationalise the plan using the principles of assessment for, as and of learning

    ·     Produce and present two assessment instruments that relate to the learning element (to be put in an appendix, no more than 3 A4 pages)

    ·     Apply analysis and argument that demonstrate your assessment methods are consistent with the key outcomes

    ·     Appraise the assessment instruments using the concepts of validity and reliability

    ·     Discuss and apply accommodation as an assessment principle and demonstrate its application in relation to your two assessment instruments, and

    ·     Discuss how your assessment is holistic and is linked to generic skills and/or the key competencies associated with the context identified.

     Ensure that you:

    ·     Imbed within your narrative appropriate references to the literature

    ·     Follow the APA style guide for presentation, in-text citations and references

    ·     Stay within 10% of the word length (excluding references), and adhere to the appendix limit, and

    ·     Do not use assessment plans or instruments that have already been developed

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/09/2015 12:00 am
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