Project #81934 - Analysis of different methods for foreigners to master English language

Dr. Doolan

Adapted from Rebecca Moore Howard

Formatting Papers: Composition

1.     Use Times New Roman or Times.

2.     Set the font size at 12.

3.     Set one-inch margins at the top, bottom, left, and right of all pages.

4.     Do not use right-hand justification: although paragraphs look neat when the print is lined up evenly on both the left and right hand side, the text is harder to read. Justify margins only on the left-hand side.

5.     Number the pages of your manuscript. Use the "Insert page number" menu command on your software. Numbers should appear in top right corner.

6.     Include your name in the running header of each page. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask. In Microsoft Word, you can find the command in the menu under "View Header."

7.     Write your name, my name, the date of submission, and the course name and number at the top of the first page of your manuscript.

8.     Cite your sources, regardless of whether you're quoting or paraphrasing them. Include relevant page numbers in your citations.

9.     Provide a list of References at the end of the paper (for WP3 & WP4).

10. Run a spelling check. Misspellings say to me that you are not being careful.

11. Make a backup for yourself, in hard copy and/or on a separate storage device.

For submitting the paper electronically (as an email file attachment or on Blackboard):

12. Double-space your text.

13.  In “paragraph” under “spacing” set “before” and “after” to 0.

14. The filename should follow this format:

             (1) your first name

             (2) underscore “_” (use “shift” key and the line button next to “0” on                     the keyboard.

             (2) the assignment (e.g., WP1, WP2, WP3, or WP4)

             (3) the draft number. Either “v1” for first draft, or “v2” for final draft.

So, for example, John’s first draft of Writing Project #3 will have the file name, “John_WP3v1” Fred’s final draft of Writing Project #4 will have the file name “Fred_WP4v2”


Save your file as a Microsoft Word document, with a .doc (or .docx) extension.



Finally, it is your responsibility to make sure that formatting problems do not happen when I open the document. If it happens on WP1, I will tell you. It should not still be happening on WP2.

Subject Foreign
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/14/2015 12:00 am
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