Project #81274 - Personal SWOT with Key Values Paragraph & Cover Letter

Written Assignment(s):


Personal SWOT Analysis

Research job descriptions/ads in your chosen field, and choose one that is a good “fit” for your academic discipline and skill set. You will complete both this assignment and your first writing assignment (a cover letter) as if you are applying for this job/internship, so choose wisely. 


Link for Job I Chose:


Complete the SWOT Analysis Worksheet provided for this assignment based on the job description/ad you choose. Consider the needs of the employer, and target your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to those needs. .) Include at least three focused and detailed examples for each. You must provide “evidence” to support your claims (such as an example from your life that demonstrates a strength). Consider not only your “hard” skills (academic and work experience), but also your “soft” skills (those skills not directly related to a job description but that will add value for your employer).


After completing the SWOT analysis worksheet, evaluate how your skills and experience can make you a good candidate for the job you chose. Write one paragraph proposing ONE key value that best relates to the needs of the employer. This paragraph needs to assert one specific skill you have, give evidence from your life that proves you have that skill, and connect to why that skill can be of benefit to the employer. Essentially, this paragraph will be a starting off point for your cover letter.  You should think of this paragraph as one that could serve as an internal paragraph in your cover letter.


Important Writing Tips for your paragraph:

**Note – this is just an example of structure.  Your paragraph should include more detail to persuade the employer to believe that you’re a good fit for the job.

  1. Make the topic sentence of your paragraph a “road map” to the entire paragraph.
    1. I am detail oriented, which I demonstrated by using my proofreading skills at SKU publishers.


  1.  Then make sure your evidence follows the road map.
    1. For example, I was responsible for proofreading eight articles per week.  The articles came to me after three editors had reviewed them, and my job was to find any last mechanical, typographical, or spelling errors.   Since I often found overlooked problems, I was lauded twice by my project manager and earned a raise after only three months on the job.


  1. Conclude with a statement that wraps up and highlights the importance of what you have proved.
    1. Because of my detail orientation, I will be able to assure that clients’ account information is correct.



Oral Assignment:


After completing your SWOT analysis, you will present the strength that you wrote about in your Key Value paragraph in a five-minute (maximum) presentation to the class, using evidence (examples) from your life and experience to support your claim.  Your presentation should:


  1. Open by introducing yourself, tell us your name (first & last), year in school, major, and job you are applying for.


  1. Then make an argument/assertion that your one chosen strength makes you a good fit for the job for which you are applying, based on experience from your life (work, school, etc.).
    • Hint: use your Key Value paragraph for help.


  1. Give detailed evidence from your life that supports your claim.  Make sure you give details, data, & specifics to really prove you have this strength.


  1. Close by connecting back to how your strength can really benefit the employer.



Cover Letter:


Your Task

Drawing upon the strengths you identified in the SWOT assignment, you must write a strong, focused, formal, and professional cover letter. This letter must:


·       Clearly target the job ad (i.e., emphasize the strengths, accomplishments, and qualifications noted in the job ad).

·       Use specific accomplishments and achievements to make yourself stand out and demonstrate why you would be the best fit for the position.


Cover Letter Structure: Thesis + Topic Sentence(s) + Unified Paragraphs

Remember, in BA2196, all of your writing must have structure. For the cover letter:


·       You must organize information with a “thesis.” Thus, your first paragraph should end with a thesis-type sentence, asserting the two or three skills you will highlight and prove with specific evidence in your letter.

·       Each body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence (which is one of the thesis claims).

·       All paragraphs must be unified: they must stay ONLY on the topic asserted in the topic sentence – NO TOPIC DRIFT.



1. Your letter must be limited to one page, so make every sentence count. Use the “Moderate” margin setting in Office: 1 inch top and bottom, 0.75 inch left and right.

2. Your letter must be formatted as a business letter. See the pdf file of Proper Cover Letter Formats on Blackboard.  DO NOT NEGLECT THE CORRECT FORMAT; YOU WILL LOSE 25 POINTS FOR INCORRECT FORMATTING.

3. Your letter is a professional letter of application; any typos, misspellings, punctuation problems, or grammar errors will lower your grade. This letter should be revised, edited, and proofread before you turn it in.

4. Your cover letter must demonstrate why you would be a good fit for the position. It should not be written to say why the position would be a good fit for you.

NO: “Your company would be an excellent place for me to learn more about the marketing industry.”

YES: “My talents in communication and my successful experiences working in teams strongly match the requirements of this internship.” (And then go on to specify your talents and describe your experiences—don’t be vague!)


Below You Will Find Examples Given By The Instructor:


SWOT Assignment: Sample Job Ad & Example Key Value Paragraph

Note: for this sample, assume one of the student’s listed strengths on her SWOT analysis was her ability to manage multiple tasks at once and achieve results, as evidenced by her experience running charity events for her sorority.

Sample Job Ad: Charities & Community Relations Intern, Philadelphia Eagles

Job Description:

·       Coordinate & communicate with non-profit groups for events and charity ticket distributions

·       Writing thank you letters

·       Assisting with planning & execution of charitable events

·       Assisting with oversight of charitable event budgets

Candidates for the internship should:

·       Be proficient in Microsoft Office applications

·       Be organized, motivated, proactive, personable, and professional

·       Be able to manage multiple tasks at once and understand how they all fit together

·       Be a student, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree

·       Have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA

·       Have some experience planning events and/or working with charities


Sample Key Value Paragraph

As the philanthropy chair for my sorority, I demonstrated my ability to manage multiple tasks at once and achieve results by planning and executing our charity events.  I coordinated events for families, set up engaging activities for children, and bolstered my sorority’s public image.  In my role with my sorority, I coordinated quarterly events benefitting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  To plan each event, I had to manage multiple tasks, including: regularly communicating with the hospital before, during, and after the event; booking the venue, food, and entertainment; marketing the event using social media and sorority alumni connections; managing the RSVP’s for the event; delegating work to my sorority sisters and managing them throughout the event; managing clean up after the event; and managing and recording incoming donations before, during, and after the event.  In my two years in this role, I planned and executed eight events, and increased both our sorority’s participation and our annual total dollar amount donated by over 25%.  I can use my experience to help the Eagles in organizing meaningful events that will help both the team and local organizations in need.


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