Project #81250 - International Studies - Focus on reliable sources. Read info inside.

1A - Discussion: Global Resources and the Environment

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This discussion focuses on the concerns about feeding the growing population in the world.

Please read the following for this week as well as All Week 3 Online Course Materials:

Unit 2/Issue 2.3 - Is the Threat of Global Warming Real?

    • YES: Bill McKibben, from “Think Again: Climate Change,” Foreign Policy (January/February 2009)
    • NO:  Richard Lindzen, from “A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action,”The Global Warming Foundation (January 15, 2011)

Please write one to two paragraphs in response to the following questions.

1. What are the signs of global warming identified by McKibben and how are they refuted by Lindzen?

2. What aspects of each article did you think were not supported by facts, but instead were attempts to convince an audience through other means?


3. Please discuss some of the cultural and political changes that would be needed in order to make the changes discussed in the McKibben article and brainstorm ideas for ways those changes might be instigated.

Please post your discussion as early as you can, preferably by Wednesday. Once you have posted your discussion, you will see your classmates'. Please reply or comment on two or more of your classmates' postings by the Sunday due date.

1B News analysis


Please relate concepts and topics about global warming to two (2) current or recent news stories  that are at least a page (or 600 words) long. 

 Please use (Lenker til en ekstern side.) or Lexis-Nexus Academic Database  to locate the recent news stories (within the last 6 months)   one from a “Western” media source and the other from a “Non-Western” media source pertaining to the same topic or story. [For definition of "Western" sources and "Non-Western sources, see Worksheet 2B.] For example, an article about global warming reported by the New Zealand Herald (Western) and an article in the Times of India (non-Western).

Please give a full-citation for each news media source you use. For the format of the citation, please see (Lenker til en ekstern side.)

Write your analysis of the news article (2-3 pages), addressing the questions below from the material in your two sources. 

Be specific in your analysis. Use examples from the news story as “text” to support/extend/illustrate your observation.

DUE: end of Week #3

News story topic(s): 

Citation for source #1: 

Citation for source #2: 


1. What is the main goal or objective of each article, and what facts, data and other tactics do they use to make their point?

2. In what ways are the articles similar and different?

3. What do you think are the underlying values for the main goal – for example fairness, free trade, each individual matters  Identify and discuss at least two values for each article, and the similarities or differences between the values in each article. 


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