Project #81167 - Pathophysiology



week 2: 1.   Identify your topic.

My topic is : HIV/AIDS

  •        Present the pathophysiology associated with the topic: Outline the cellular basis for the disease, along with the outward pathological display of the disease (symptoms). The reader should be able to logically trace the symptom to the physiology of the disease.

2.   Present a clinical question for your research topic.

  •          See examples below.

3.  Present your thesis statement.

Examples of clinical questions may include:

  • Questions concerning the ability of a test to predict the presence or likelihood of developing the disease (diagnosis)
    • For example, examining the analysis of creatinine levels in assessment for ESRD, or the likelihood of developing gynecologic cancer when testing for BRCA mutation
  • Questions concerning the effectiveness of a treatment or preventative measure (therapy)
    • For example, the effect of smoking cessation on the development of CAD
  • Questions concerning the risk associated with a therapeutic/pharmaceutical intervention
    • For example, the pros and cons of AZT therapy for HIV
  • Questions concerning the risk factors associated with a specific condition  
    • For example, the risk factors associated with the development of diabetes

Refer to the Writing Resource folder in the main menu and consult your West Coast University librarians for support.

Your topic proposal should be 1-2 pages in length. Use APA and cite sources.

Due Dates

1. Topic Proposal Due Week 2 Thursday 9/10/15: Explore topics of interest and select one for your paper. Take special care to narrow your topic by locating a very specific issue and/or argument within the larger scholarly discussion you have explored.

2. Annotated Bibliography Due Week 3 (Thursday 9/17/15): Submit an APA-style annotated bibliography for your paper. Conduct preliminary research on your topic and submit 4–5 peer-reviewed sources directly related to your clinical question. In each of your annotations, include a brief critical appraisal of the published research (evaluate the literature).

3. Research Paper Outline Due Week 5:Thursday 10/1/15) 
Develop a full-sentence outline of your research topic, taking care to structure your thoughts on the topic in a coherent fashion that clearly illustrates your objectives and intentions as a clinical researcher. Follow alphanumeric outline structure, use complete sentences, and include citations as needed with a reference page.

4. Final Research Paper Due Week 7 Thursday 10/15/15): Present your findings in an evidence-based, patient-centered way. Items 1–3 are tools that you should use to formulate your final paper. Submit your final written paper for grading.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/10/2015 06:00 pm
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