Project #80717 - English Composition II


For the first part of task 1 you will be drafting a thesis. You should thoroughly review the information in the learning resource on drafting a thesis statement before beginning this part of the task.

Things to remember about your thesis:

  • be one sentence long
  • include a single, clear, debatable assertion
  • address the primary research question
  • preview the essay’s main supporting points
  • be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph

Plan on sending your thesis statement to a course mentor for discussion and approval before submitting Task 1. Course mentors are also available seven days a week to discuss any other questions you may have.

Annotated Bibliography

The second part of task 1 is writing an annotated bibliography.

You will need 10 reliable sources for your annotated bibliography, and we suggest using the WGU library to find them. We recommend approximately 2–4 sources for each of your supporting points. For each source, include a citation followed by an original annotation of about 150–200 words.

For help on using the library, check out our library video:

  • Using the Library

Review MindEdge Module 2 for help on conducting research.

Email the course mentors if you have any questions along the way. You can also send course mentors your first annotation for help and feedback.

Writing the Essay - Task 2

In Task 2 you will write the paper an argumentative research paper. The paper should be 10–15 pages long, including the title and references pages. Follow the information provided in the MindEdge resource when structuring your paper.

Originality Requirement is a web-based software that checks the originality of student work by comparing it to a database of digitized materials in journals, periodicals and books, webpages, and an archive of existing papers. The ultimate purpose is to help to ensure that the work submitted by students in courses at WGU is their own work and that source material is used correctly and cited to give credit to the original author.

Every task that you submit to Taskstream is run through, which generates an originality report that shows how much of your paper is quoted from sources (to which Turnitin has access) and also where those sources are located. This allows the evaluators to quickly and easily see that your paper is mostly your original creation and that, when you have used sources, you have properly cited them. If 30% or more of your paper closely matches sources in the Turnitin database, it will be sent back to you for originality issues and will not be evaluated for content until the originality issues have been addressed.

You can submit your paper to to check for originality issues before submitting it to Taskstream. Review the information provided by WGU for help using and interpreting the originality report.

Contact a course mentor if you have any questions about using in Taskstream, or about originality issues, or your report, don't hesitate to contact a Course Mentor.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/13/2015 12:00 am
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