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Part 1:


The power bases used by the leader.


Position Power Base. Power bases Idea is used by South West Airline.  Power Base is the source of authority and influence that is used in negotiation and politics. Gary Keller, CEO of South West airline has an excellent reputation for using Position-related factors as a power base. “Position power bars come from legitimate inherent in many positions, the ability to provide rewards, the ability to coerce, access to valuable information and performing a critical function”(‘Power Base”, n.d.).  South west airline always promotes this type of power base to motivate others for leadership in the company


Reward Power base


            “Reward power is the ability to provide incentives to others if they will cooperate with you” (“power Base”, n.d.). South West airline has an excellent management system that can reward employees for exchange for job performance and compliance. This reward power base really helps a manager to maximize the profitability of others. Southwest airline always rewards subordinates for their management behavior and their actions. Through a good reward system, the company increases the performance expectation.




Coercive power


“This power base is the ability to punish or intimidate.  It's often said that unions eliminate management's ability to sanction uncooperative employees” (Power Base”, n.d.). South West Airline sometime terminate employee with bad cause to eliminate coerce cooperation.




The influence tactics used by the leader.


The influence tactics used by the leader of an organization are changes in opinions, goals and values.  To influence a leader uses tactic, is about leadership behavior change and belief system. In community, leader must participate in tactic to:


  • To increase profitability toward a goal

  • To Influence a tactic for good outcome

  • To increase the pressure to get the job done

  • To gain support.


    The leadership style of the leader.

    South west airline has good choices for leadership style. The leader always focuses on decision making idea, strategies and tactics. This style of leadership sets high performance standards for every employee and it is very effective for the company.  The style of leadership full of loyalty and high trust.  It is very important for organization leadership to be productive and successful.

    The outcome (or potential outcome) of the situation.

    Negotiation is very important in win-win outcome for any organization.  It is very important for companies to work an affirmative win-win outcome.  South West Airline always fighting for an excellent source of financial survival through a good outcome.  South west airline always achieves goal of performing a strategy to focus servant leadership.


    Southwest Airline is a U.S world’s largest airline based in Dallas, Texas. This airline has a high rate of productivity and its competitive strategy combines with the positional power base are great inspiration for future success. This airline has an excellent business model and win-win tactic to profitability in a company. This airline leadership is the main focus for successful employment and effective jobs. Servant Leadership in Southwest airline is an example of effective leadership which can face many challenges. There is a strong relationship between belief and effective Leadership which applied for successful project management. Future success depending servant-leadership. Effective leadership affects corporate commitment and strategy.


    Part 2:

    Personal values and beliefs that influence your leadership style

    Each individual has his or her own values which develop and from over a lifetime and are learned by observation and reasoning and through experience. Values are standards of behavior. Behavior is guided by personally held principles, beliefs, and values. Personal values are based on experience, religion, education and culture. Personal values are reflected in individual attitudes which are made up of several belief, are feelings towards a person, object, or idea. Personal values and belief that influence attitudes. Individuals this think, feel make choices and act from within well-known values, which are a person’s own moral judgement about his or morality”. (Callara, 2008, p. 246). It is very important to know the value and the importance of ethical behavior.  A visible action is associable with proper leadership and ethics. Lack of trust is a problem in many places for understanding the true personal value and belief system


    Past experiences and/or people that have influenced the development of those values.

    Past experience offer the group of people the opportunity to develop social skills such as empathy, sharing, and leadership. Motivation and performance have positive influences on personal Value and belief. Development of past belief system is very important for basis of social, cultural and familial environments. According to the Belief article “These belief systems encompass everything from religion and spirituality to gender, sexuality, work ethics and politics” (“Boundless”, n.d.)

    Expectations of self and others

    Change of outcome always comes positive expectation. To be successful in your job, always put your personal need beyond greatest expectation. My happiness grows directly with expectation. “The Person who dumps garbage into your mind will do you considerably more harm than the person who dumps garbage on your floor, because each load of mind garbage negatively impacts your possibilities and lowers your expectations” “Zig Ziglar”, n.d.).





    Leadership style and influence tactics.

    Leadership style and influence connected into this important group:


  1. Development

  2. Direct Route

  3. Participation

  4. Encouragement.












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