Project #80080 - Arcade shooting gallery using C++ and allegro libary v4.2.3

need between an 2:2 - 2:1


This is an Individual assignment

To demonstrate your understanding of both program design concepts and the C++ programming language you are required to design and implement a simple 2D game programmed in C++ which uses the Allegro game programming graphics library v4.2.3

The game must be an "Arcade shooting Gallery" genre."


·         However, the game,at a minimum must contain the following elements.

·         The game must have an end goal

·         The game has to be in graphics mode (No text/console only games)

·         The game must contain Bitmaps

·         The game must contain a user controllable object (for example tank, space ship).

·         The game must contain at least one additional non-user controlled object (for example, moving targets)

·         The game must allow user input / control by both keyboard and mouse

·         The game must provide the user with feedback (explosion, sound etc)

·         The game must contain sound

·         The game must provide the current score

·         The game should be single player only

·         The game must provide the user with simple instructions

·         The game must begin and end in a controlled manner (for example; Menu, Hot keys)

·         The game must implemented using at least two meaningful C++ classes


You can make the game simple.

Note: Extra bonus marks may be awarded for originality, playability and humour!

The assignment will be assessed on the Analysis, Design and the Implementation of the solution


Design and implement the Game using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 c++ and Allegro v4.2.3 Library to meet the above requirements.

(a) The Game executable and the Visual C++ Project folder which will include project files, source code(.cpp and .h files),all assets (graphics, sound and music track files). The submission must contain all files needed to run your application.

(b) The Program Design Documents ( Report).
Report word limit is 2500 maximum. The Word limit does not include text on diagrams or the program source code.





Program Design Documents

The student must provide design documents to defend their work. The design
documents should discuss all aspects of the game development stages: the idea, analysis, design, implementation and testing.

The design document will be in the form of a written report.

The report will start with a summary of the game concept.

The report will then detail the analysis of the problem using initial problem design charts. The report should document the analysis of the problem and the decomposition of the problem into modules (and classes) making appropriate use of IPO diagrams, Structure Diagrams ,Top Level Flow Chart (and Class Diagrams)

The Design should be detailed using methods such as Flowcharts, Pseudo-code and module descriptions

Each of the class and module design and implementation should be documented
including any testing.

The Solution must be implemented using C++. The game will be tested for
functionality and the application project source will be reviewed for structure, modularity and good coding practice, for example the use of comments and meaning names

The following list details some content that the student may find useful
1. System block diagram, top level design and key implementation features.
2. Testing strategy, test results and problems found.
3. Discussion and conclusions
4. The Description of the Game Program
5. The Analysis of the Problem, Design and Modular Decomposition
6. Program Structure presented using Structure Chart or Class Diagrams
7. Detailed Class and Modules Design presented using pseudo code or flow charts
8. Complete Source Code Listing.


Note: Please ensure that The Visual Studio 2010 C++ project, executable file and associated files must be included in the submission.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/27/2015 10:00 am
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