Project #79854 - Income Statements and Profitability Ratios

Income Statements and Profitability Ratios


In this module, you were introduced to the income statement and profitability ratios.  In this assignment, you will use this information to create an income statement and then analyze it for profitability. Selected accounts for Jackson, Inc. are listed below along with their balances before closing the year of 12/31/12. Jackson, Inc. is a firm that manufactures wireless mouse systems for laptops.  Use this information to complete the required elements below.


Interest expense              2,000                

Sales revenue                      297,000

Selling expenses                    38,200


Administrative expenses                    16,700

Cost of goods sold                    162,300

Dividends1                    12,200


Gain on sale of equipment                    3,600

Loss from fire                    7,500

Retained Earnings (1/1/12 balance)                    335,000

Tax expense                    22,800

The current syllabus cites a previous edition of the textbook. The attached update is correct for Winter and Spring—all current and upcoming terms.


1Dividends were declared and paid to Jackson, Inc. stockholders






On a spreadsheet, prepare a multistep Income Statement for the year ending 12/31/12 with proper heading. See link below for sample income statement.  Near the bottom of your income statement should have a subtotal for Income before taxes and then subtract taxes to compute Net income. Net income should have a double underline.

On the same spreadsheet, prepare a Statement of Retained Earnings for the year ending 12/31/12 with proper heading. See link below for sample statement of retained earnings. There are no adjustments to retained earnings and ending retained earnings should have a double underline.

On the same spreadsheet, compute the gross profit margin, operating income margin, and net profit margin for 2012, showing the numerator and denominator for all ratios. Take ratios out to the nearest hundredth of a percentage (e.g., 33.33%).

On the same spreadsheet, write a paragraph analyzing each of the profitability ratios for Jackson, Inc. given the following information from previous years and competitors.



  Gross profit margin Operating income margin Net profit margin

Jackson, 2011 47.22% 26.52% 17.75%

Jackson, 2010 48.87% 25.43% 17.03%

Competitor, 2012 43.22% 31.20% 21.14%


The following links provide sample formatting for income statements and statements of retained earnings.

Submit your spreadsheet in the Module 3 folder. Ensure your work is accurate and reflects Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/23/2015 12:00 pm
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