Project #79821 - Business Feasibility Approach

This paper is for my Capstone final report, please see below for the reports I have already completed, and need for it to go in more depth to completing the business plan on a Business Feasibility Approach, including a finacial analysis. Below is the table to the steps to follow, and the information that needs to be elaborated on.

Capstone Project Paper


  Business Feasibility    Approach


Executive Summary

Table of Contents/Table of Figures

Introduction and Description

Market Environment

Social Impact Theory

Literature Review

Data Collection Plan

Business Operations     

Business Model            

Recommendation to Organization

Financial Projections   

Operating Environment

Implementation Considerations

Evaluation of Feasibility

Evaluation of Social Impact


References – comprehensive and substantive

Professionalism, Writing, APA


The business Feasibility Approach: The purpose of this paper is to give an executive summary of the economic viability of a startup business. This business idea is based on putting a catering business that will be able to provide catering services to the customers in the targeted market, and provide employment for people in recovery.


This small business plan is aimed at raising about 40000.00 dollars for starting up a catering business as well as showcasing the financials and the operations over the next few years.  The company will be called UL catering service (Up Lifting) the company will be based in New York City, which will be providing catering services to the surrounding. My aim is to provide jobs in helping the unfortunate who has overcome their addition, and is trying to fit back in society, but unable to find employment. The company will engage in the preparation of food during events in various venues around the city. The menu will consist of multi culture dishes from around the world, which will target all cultures.

 As the chief executive officer for the business the means that all  stakeholders, and leadership team will all have to come together with their expertise in the food business, and also know what is require to build a work force with a staff needing to rebuild their lives. The main duty for the CEO at the beginning will be to ensure that a relationship between the company and the event planners as well as other catering businesses has been established. This will ensure that the company becomes a preferred option for any event.


The chief executive officer is looking to get the whole amount of 40000.00 dollars from a bank loan whereby the rates and interests as well as the payment period will be discussed. According to this business plan, it is assumed that the business will receive a 5 year loan with an interest of 8 percent.

Mission statement

 The mission for the company will be to become the leading and recognized dealer in its targeted market for food preparation, catering services, and up lifting the lives of those who needs another chance in making him/her life right.

Management team

As the company founder of the company it will required that the stakeholders and management have at least ten years’ experience in the industry and thus his expertise skills will be of great importance for the business.

Sales forecast and expansion plan

It is expected for the business to expand during the first two years of operations, and intends to implement a strong marketing strategy that will target individuals and event organizers.

Marketing strategies

The company seeks to employ very strong marketing strategies that will ensure that the company gets to its target market easily. These strategies will include tradition print adverts and ads placed on search engines.

Sensitivity analysis

In case of an economic downturn, there might be a decline in revenues for the business. However, the nature of the business will ensure that it can remain profitable despite the economic changes. This is based on the fact that people always in need of food.




Owing to the previous set plans, I have sort to building up of the company from the outlined expectations. I believe the catering business should be set in a flexible manner that will allow for the provision of such services on any occasion. This will require the setting up of a business strategy that will equip the company with the best fit human resources, financial resources, technological and physical resources. The strategy would be based on a market research sweep that would give a forecast of the standards of operation required to beat the competition around (Mattel, 2015). The catering company would require policies and operational guidelines that focus on the development of a unique corporate culture that would attract even more business.

Strategic corporate culture Analysis

 The main goal of this catering company is to provide a diversity of culture yet at the same time prove to the society the need for acceptance of people in recovery. The name of the company "Up Lifting Caterers" is already a step towards building that cooperate culture. The cultural diversity is a strategy that would not only be incorporated in the services and target market of the company, but would employ staff who would be motivating each other towards setting aside their different setbacks and moving forward to a common goal. This culture would shape the company's image to one of societal significance and would be well identified within New York for such reasons. Such a corporate culture would be attractive to the market for its unique multicultural services. Also, the society would feel the need of acquiring the services of Uplifting Caterers because it would show their appreciation and support in fully rehabilitating and accepting previous drug addicts into society.

Marketing Strategy

 However despite incorporating employees who are trying to fit back into society it is important to maintain a high quality of services being offered. It would be easier for society to assume that because employees are previous drug addicts, their services are also looked down upon. Despite having such a mentality, I believe the quality of the catering services is what would capture the attention of society. Starting with few but fully satisfied customers is a strategy Uplifting Caterers is willing to employ. I believe in the notion that a satisfied customer would always come back with friends, and that is how a business grows its market.

The marketing strategy would involve technicians in web designing who would set up a website for the business, and it would be marketed and well assimilated into various social media platforms. The executive management would ensure that in every event the company caters there would be circulation of fliers marketing the company.

 Actively involving event organizers and following upon the various catering companies would act as a strong marketing strategy. I believe due to the multicultural diversity, Uplifting Catering Company would be able to stand out as a favorable choice for event organizers. On the other hand, a close follow up on fellow catering companies would allow for the realization of current trends in the business. Keeping track of trends in the catering world would allow the company to be flexible to assimilate the new and developing cultures and technology into their enterprise.

Over time, advertising videos and ads would be developed and circulated to TV and radio stations that way it would reach a large number of potential customers every single time it is aired. These advertising strategies would be based on exhibiting the company mission and culture.










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