Project #79619 - L10 project 2

LP10.2 Assignment: Course Portfolio

Directions: Each Learning Plan has Motivational and Practice activities which add to your understanding of the Competencies - the focus of each learning plan. Create a single document that includes the activities from each learning plan. This assignment is worth 50 points.

LP3 Activity #4: Every company has a security policy and a risk assessment. Create one of each for your workplace using these templates.
SANS Security Policies hosted by SANS Institute
Risk Assessment hosted by ISACA

LP4 Activity #4: A Freedom of Information Act exception prevents disclosure of records if it would invade someone’s personal privacy. Develop a hypothetical example in which a person’s privacy interests are clearly outweighed by competing public interests. Develop another hypothetical example in which a person’s privacy interests are not outweighed by competing public interests.

LP5 Activity #1: WATCH the The Future of Lying hosted by TedTalks.
Look through the following and analyze their truthfulness.

    Your private E-mails, texts, social media posts
    Your posts to public communities

Assess the truthfulness of these communications. Is there a difference in veracity between your private communications and those posted anonymously?

LP6 Activity #2 and #6: VIEW these YouTube Videos:
Understanding the Four Types of Intellectual Property hosted by docstocTV
What is IP and Why Should I Care? hosted by docstocTV
The Case Against Intellectual Property hosted by Adam vs. The Man

Analyze the validity of each point of view. With which point of view do you most strongly agree? Create a short piece of prose, a poem, or draw a picture in paint. Now you own intellectual property. Does this change your point of view on IP law?

EXPLORE Read about Creative Commons’ licenses. In Step #2, you created a piece of IP. License your project. How much sharing did you allow? All, share alike, commercial, non-commercial use? List the reasons you chose that particular license.

LP7 Activity #5: We all trust our lives to software in one way or another: driving a car, the software in the car and in the traffic signals; flying in an airplane; undergoing a medical procedure, such as an MRI, CT Scan or surgery. READ Case #3 on page 291. This case discusses a software failure that lead to death. Answer the discussion questions on page 292. Go back and review what you found in activity #1. Should the SDM and quality assurance be the same for mobile or “non-essential” apps as it is for safety critical applications? Why or why not?

LP8 Activity #1: VIEW the following YouTube videos:
Cut off From Opportunity Without Equal Access to the Internet hosted by PBS NewsHour
Libraries Bridging the Digital Divide: Andrew Roskill at TEDxCharleston hosted by TEDxTalks.
The digital divide is everywhere. Examine your community. What digital divides exist there? Discuss the causes and develop a plan to bridge those divides.

LP9 Activity #5: SEARCH the internet or the NAU Online Library for state cyberstalking / cyberbullying laws. Does your state have any laws specifically addressing cybercrimes? How many states do have cyber laws? Do they address stalking and bullying specifically?

LP10 Actvity #4: Your Company has decided to offshore-outsource a $50 million project to an experienced, reputable firm in India. This is the first offshore outsourcing project of significant size that your company has run. What steps should your company take to minimize the potential for problem?

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/27/2015 12:00 am
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