Project #78882 - Interview questions


1 -What do you value about your form of leadership?




2- What do you value of your team?




3- What do you like about your impact or influence on others?




4- When you are energized and inspired, what particular personality traits or strengths are being expressed by you?




5-What are you most afraid of?




6-What fears did you have to face to lead from character?




7- How have you continued to lead with character through any situations that have come up? How do you plan to continue to lead through character?




8- How can you challenge yourself to move from coping with an issue to leading with character?




9-When you are leading by character, what qualities come forth? Do certain situations inhibit or express your character more?




10- What do others tell you that you need to work on or develop? What new behavior are you committed to practicing?




11- Can you reflect a bit for me how you focus on:


•Opportunity VS Problems




•Long term VS Short term




•Purpose VS Circumstances


•Adaptability VS Control




•Service VS Self




•Listening VS Expertise






12-How agile and adaptable are you when it comes to learning from first-time situations?




 13 How do you define a leader?




 14 What it take to be a good leader?




15 What are the most characters in leadership?




16 Have you ever been a member of a successful team? If so, describe the role you played on the team and in its success.




17 Give me an example of a time when you played a leadership role in an event, an activity, a department or work unit, or a project. Describe how you led the efforts. Tell me how people responded to your leadership.




18 If I were to ask your reporting staff or your peers to comment about your leadership style, your leadership strengths, and your leadership weaknesses, how would they respond?  What would this discussion tell me about you as a leader?




19 Tell me about a time when you created agreement and shared purpose from a situation in which all parties originally differed in opinion, approach, and objectives.




 20 As a leader within an organization, you must often build support for goals and projects from people who do not report to you and over whom you have no authority. Tell me about a situation in which you demonstrated that you can build the needed support.




21. What are the three most important values you demonstrate as a leader? Tell me a story that demonstrates each of these leadership values in practice within your workplace.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/10/2015 08:00 pm
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