Project #78624 - Virtual Communities

LP9 Assignment: Virtual Communities

Directions: These communities are defined as an environment where you are represented by an avatar you create. There are three aspects I want you to research and prepare a two to three page paper.

Research Online gaming (MMOG and MMORPG) communities, Educational and Business virtual communities, and user groups and forums. Select an example of each and discuss the following:

Member Interactions:

  • In communities where members are represented by a make believe character how does this affect their interactions with other gamers online as opposed to interacting with real people off-line? Are their morals and ethics different?
  • In communities where creating a persona is not required, like educational, business, and forum virtual communities, do their interactions with each other align more with how they treat people in the real world as opposed to online gamers?


  • Are there rules of behavior, like laws, that are written, expected to be followed and enforced? Who makes the rules and who enforces them?
  • Give an example of a real crime being committed (theft, drug trafficking, etc.) Include the link to your source.
    • How are users held accountable for their crimes?
    • When can law enforcement intervene?
  • Give an example of virtual crime, i.e. crimes committed against the avatar (rape, murder, assault, etc.) Include the link to your source.
    • How are users held accountable for virtual crimes?
    • Is there any recourse for victims?

Ethical Considerations:

  • Select an ethical approach from chapter one and discuss how that approach is the best approach when participating in virtual communities.

Your paper should include the following:
- Two to three pages in length.
- Double Spaced.
- Use 1 inch margins.
- 12 point font.
- Conform to APA style guidelines.
- Include a title page, reference page and citations.
- Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/08/2015 12:00 am
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