Project #78377 - Interpersonal communication

Research on Interpersonal Communication

In this assignment, you will: 

  1. Identify the subjects covered in books on interpersonal communication
  2. Examine how different book authors define interpersonal communication
  3. Create your own definition of interpersonal communication
  4. Look for a topic you would like to research more in-depth for your final project.

To do this, you will examine five books that discuss interpersonal communication. 



Visit a real library or bookstore, or log on to to one of the major online bookstores like or use Google Books to locate books on interpersonal communication. You can also review Books 24x7 in the eLibrary for this activity.

Learn a little about each of the books that you find. For example, you may wish to read an abstract found in the description of the book, or in a hard copy, on the flyleaf or back cover. See who wrote the book. Scan the table of contents.What subjects are covered? As you review the topics, do any stand out as one you would like to explore further for your final project? Make note of the title, author and publisher information for your reference list.

Answer the questions below for your assignment.

To search a book online: For Amazon, find a book with the "Look Inside" feature to explore the book. Then use the features on the side to explore the Table of Contents and Search features. 




After you have reviewed at least five books, complete the following:

  1. Compile a list of subjects that were covered in the books. The table of contents is a good place to find them. Do you see any topics repeated between different books?
  2. Use the search features in the book sites or the index in the back of the book to locate the author's definition of interpersonal communication. Search on key words like definition, defined, and "communication is" in quotes. Definitions are normally found in the first chapter or introduction. Be sure you have found a definition and not an example of communication.
    1. Copy the definitions from 2-3 books, identifying the book source and page number. 
    2. Write up the definition quotes for your paper. Use APA formatting to identify your quote and its source. Put quotation marks around the quote, then (author last name, copyright date and page number, if known). If APA formatting is new to you, see the example in the APA section of the Student Resource Center, or use the Purdue OWL for additional details about in-text citations.

      Your definitions should look like this: "Interpersonal Communications is the process of people speaking with one another." (Smith, 2012, p.5)

    3. Using APA formatting, list the books you reviewed as a Reference List at the end of your paper .Alphabetize them by author's last name. For more information on APA formatting, see the citations section at The OWL at Purdue or the APA Assistance section in the Student Resource Center in Canvas.

  3. After reading about interpersonal communications, and looking at the different diagrams of communication in this week's discussion, create your own definition of interpersonal communications.

  4. Finally, select a topic that you would like to know more about, which will be the topic for your research project. The project requirements are detailed on the next screen, and is due on the last day of Week 6.



Your paper should have five sections:

  1. List of topics you found in the books
  2. 2-3 definitions of interpersonal communication from the books
  3. Your personal definition of interpersonal communication
  4. Your proposed topic for your research project
  5. Reference list of the books you used.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/07/2015 05:00 pm
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