Project #78180 - web PICO paper

Attached Files: Tips for  Protecting Kids from Mosquito-borne Illness, -(This is my topic.)

CDC, Seminole County Prevention Website- use one of these websites


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NF 216 Nursing VI                   Web Source PICO Paper Grading Rubric                 

Requirements (4 points):

Must use APA style (Refer to the APA manual 6th edition or


·         Appropriately formatted running head

·         Appropriately formatted title page - NO ABSTRACT

·         Minimum of 2-3 pages for the body of the paper

·         Include a reference page (you will have a total of 4-5 pages minimum)

Use a minimum of 3 scholarly nursing references (only one can be a textbook). References must be no older than 5 years. Nursing journals MUST BE USED. All references must be scholarly in nature, rather than commercial. Appropriately cite them in the paper and include in reference list

Use the PICO method to explore a web-based parent/child/family resource for the topic of your choosing. The resource may be a parent support group, a website, an informational booklet online, etc. The purpose of the assignment is to critically evaluate a parent or family resource. Some things to consider:

·         Is the chosen parent/child/family resource valuable? Does it serve a perceived need?

·         Does the resource provide information or support that the parents/child/family would not otherwise have access to?

·         Is the information in the resource current and accurate? Is it appropriately written for the population served?

·         Who is responsible for authoring, publishing, maintaining or otherwise running the resource? What are that person’s credentials?

·         Any other additional information you feel is important to include.

Paper will be submitted via SafeAssignment. If the paper is greater than 20% nonoriginal, will receive a grade of zero (0) on this assignment. Note: the professor will review SafeAssign report and taken into account portions showing as nonoriginal if they are on the title page or reference page. After attaching the Grammarly report, the student should be concerned if the plagiarism percentage is > 5% as there is sometimes a 10-15% difference between Grammarly and SafeAssign. If the paper is greater that 20% nonoriginal, a grade of zero (0) will be given on this assignment.

FINAL SUBMISSION DUE DATE IS 8/6/2015 BY 2300Submit the paper in its entirety to the submission site.

**** Late submissions of the final paper will result in 0.5 point reduction per day late****

Web PICO Paper




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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/06/2015 08:00 am
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