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Assignment Instructions

PROBLEM: You have been directed by your corporate or organizational president to research one of the following situations/problems and prepare a formalized research paper or executive memorandum. This memorandum or paper (add a transmittal letter if a research paper format is used) should be addressed to the president, board of directors, and your professor. For this research, you should conduct a review of literature based on the current practices being used in today's organizations (in terms of your selected research problem/situation).

For your research project, please select one of the following problem or situational areas to research. As you conduct your secondary and/or primary research, you should also develop a well-developed strategy as to how to implement your strategy into this organization. One way to view the selected problem is to think of a current or previous organization, in which you might focus your research efforts towards. For example, you may be facing the same problem in your current organization - so you could write this paper, based on addressing this particular problem with your current organization. If you do not see the relevance of any of these problems with your current or past employers - just write your paper as if you were employed with a Fortune 500 company or an organization currently in the news.

Here is the listing of potential problems or situations from you can select your research topic from:

1. Creation and implementation of an electronic usage (i.e., email, computer, or other computer technology) policy to be used in the organization.
2. Technological changeover from one computer system to a newer computer system (keep in mind the possible conversion problems).
3. Creation and implementation of a revised disciplinary policy to replace a current policy, which is not working (and lawsuits have resulted from the current, poorly written disciplinary policy).
4. Creation and implementation of a new compensation and benefits package (please remember that the president and board of directors may not be as accepting of this particular topic area... but it is worth the challenge of trying to convince them differently).
5. Creation and implementation of a new performance appraisal system or method of conducting performance appraisals.
6. Creation and implementation of an effective recruiting and retention program to enhance the quality of employees and management within the organization.

7. Rollout of a change management initiative.

8. Creation and implementation of a succession plan for mid level and C-Suite leaders.

Please write your research paper/memorandum as if your organizational or corporate president and/or board of directors would review and consider its findings and recommendations. However, your professor will be the final reviewer for this paper.

1. Student should write a well-researched paper, approximately 6-8 pages and double-spaced (not counting a title page, table of contents, references or appendices).
2. Student should follow the APA Style Manual for referencing and citing sources in the paper.
3. Paper should be written in third person - not first person.
4. Paper should be error-free, so it may be wise to have another person proof your work.
5. All sources must be properly cited, according to APA style. In essence, you need to use in-text citations (no footnotes or endnotes in this paper whatsoever). Full citations of all works should be included in the References section, formatted in APA Style.
6. The paper must contain the following elements:
a. Title Page (or letter of transmittal if a memorandum format is used)
b. Table of Contents (unless a memorandum format is used).
c. Introduction
d. Problem Statement (5-8 sentence paragraph that clearly defines the problem and why it needs to be researched).
e. Review of current practices (background of literature) in the area
f. Strategic plan for change or creation of the anticipated change (use examples of where this approach has been successful in other organizations if pertinent).
g. Strategic approach for implementation of the change(s)
h. Final recommendations and possible outcomes (best and worst case scenarios)
i. Summary/Conclusions
j. References section
k. Appendix (if tables or charts or necessary)


Prepare an outline with bullet points of what you plan to cover in your research paper.  You may incorporate the guidelines into your outline.  A sample outline is listed below.  Follow this format explicitly.  Please note, the assignment is to CREATE AN OUTLINE ONLY, ALONG WITH A BIBLIOGRAPY with at least 6-8 refernces.  THE PAPER DOES NOT NEED TO BE WRITTEN AT THIS POINT YET, JUST THE OUTLINE AND BIBLIOGRAPHY.   I will give you $45.00 to create the outline and bibliograpy for it and when the time comes, if you do a good job on the outline and bibliography, I'll award the you job and pay for the paper to be written.


The outline format is listed below with an example used:

Banning Jet Skis

Viviana Morello



General Purpose:

To persuade

Specific Purpose:

To persuade my listeners that jet skis should be prohibited in national and state parks

Central Idea:

Jet skis should be banned in national and state parks because they make too much noise, harm the environment, and harass wildlife.



I.       Attention Material

A.    This is a jet ski [PowerPoint slide will be shown].

1. Some people love them and want to use them on all waterways.

2. Other people hate them and want them banned.

B. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

1. I enjoyed driving a jet ski on the ocean a few years ago.

2. But my vacation recently at a beautiful lake was marred by the constant noise of jet skis.


II.     Orienting Material


A.    More than 1.3 million jet skis (also called personal watercraft) are in use, with annual sales of about 200,000—one-third of all boat sales.

B.     Jet skis should be banned from lakes and other waterways in national and state parks because they make too much noise, pollute air and water, and harass wildlife.

C.     However, I am in favor of permitting them on the ocean and private lakes, provided they stay away from shallow water.

D.    My information comes from The National Parks and Conservation Association; the Environmental Protection Agency; Dr. Joanna Burger, professor of biology at Rutgers University, and Dr. Ken Cordell, wildlife expert at the University of Georgia.


(Transition:  Let’s examine the first reason why jet skis should be banned.}


I. Jet skis destroy peace and quiet.

A. People go to national and state parks to get away from noise and enjoy the sounds of nature.

B. A jet ski makes loud, intrusive noise.           

1. A person on shore 100 feet away hears 80 decibels (equivalent to a police siren).

2. Two or more jet skis traveling together can create over 100 decibels (equivalent to standing next to a chainsaw).

3. These decibel levels were figured by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

(Transition: While jet skis are creating noise, they are also creating an environmental mess.)

II. Jet skis cause serious pollution of air and water.


A. One day’s worth of jet ski production of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide equals what a car would produce in 100,000 miles.           

B. Jet skis have inefficient, two-stroke engines, which dump up to one-third of their fuel—unburned.  

C. Each year 165 million gallons of oil are spilled into U.S. waterways by jet skis.         

D. Jet ski emissions can harm humans, animals, and plants, says the Environmental Protection Agency.

E. A lot of the toxic chemicals are long-lived.   

1. Example: polycyclic hydrocarbons can kill zooplankton, an important part of the food chain.

2. In lakes that have heavy jet ski traffic, fish populations have declined.


(Transition: Pollution is not the only way that jet skis harm animals.)


III. Jet skis harass wildlife.


A. They are so small, they can enter shallow waters.     

B. These waters are used by wildlife for reproduction and nesting.         

C. Jet skis cause alarm and flight and sometimes death, says Dr. Burger.           

1. Many birds abandon their nests permanently.

2. This exposes their young to predators and bad weather.


(Transition: Let’s summarize.)


I.       Summary

A.    Jet skis should not be allowed in national and state parks.

B.     They create noise, cause pollution, and harass wildlife.


II.     Clincher

A.    Please sign a petition that I will send to our U.S. and state legislators asking them to support a ban.

B.     When we go to these parks, we have a right to find peace and quiet.



Burger, Joanna, Ph.D., professor of biology at Rutgers University. E-mail interview. 5 Oct. 2000.

Clemans, John. “Bluewater Blues.” Motor Boating & Sailing Mar. 2000: 56.

“Guide to Personal Watercraft.” National Parks and Conservation Association (Internet site at Retrieved 14 Sept. 2000. (The article includes research by the Environmental Protection Agency; Dr. Joanna Burger, professor of biology at Rutgers University, and Dr. Ken Cordell, wildlife expert at the University of Georgia.)

Shaw, Robinson. “Environmental Group Pushes Government to Rid National Parks of Watercraft.” Environmental News Network (press release). 3 Sept. 2000.



Photo of a jet ski on a lake (PowerPoint slide)


Poster showing three main points




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