Project #77866 - Marketing Plan

You are required to carry out secondary research and to formulate a Marketing Communications campaign plan for TED BAKER PLC.


You are tasked specifically to:


Complete a 2500 word report for the Project Manager. You should assume the role of a Marketing Assistant when writing the report.


The report should outline your responses to the following tasks:


1.     Prepare a summary analysis of the campaign context for selected brand, including a description of the brand, an analysis of actual customers, competitors, strength of the organization/brand, market trends and a review/analysis of previous marketing Communications activities (see marking sheet). This analysis will provide the foundation for the development of the launch campaign plan (task 2).

2.     Recommend a range of promotional activities for the campaign of the selected brand. Following a marketing communications planning framework (e.g., Fill, 2009) you need to consider how you will reach customers and promote the selected brand. You will need to state what your promotional objectives are and the positioning sought. You must recommend a range of marketing communications tools as appropriate, discuss the message and the media you are going to use trying to be creative, and demonstrate how they will be integrated into one campaign. You should include creative and original suggestions.




This module is assessed entirely on the final individual report. The report will be assessed using the following weighting:


1.     Presentation of the report             10 marks

2.     Analysis of the campaign context            40 marks

3.     Marketing Communications Plan            50 marks


Assessment Criteria





Analysis of campaign context


·      Comprehensive campaign context presented

·      Evidence of research informed analysis, using a variety of cited sources

·      Analytical approach taken to the presentation of the campaign context

Includes the following:

-    Brand Analysis: organisation, SWOT (internal factors), positioning

- Customer Analysis: demographics, psychographics, behavioural insights

-    Competitive Landscape Analysis: direct competitors +analysis of their promotional activities

- Market Trends: PEST analysis (external factors)

-    Review and analysis of marketing communications activities for the selected brand/product: past campaign history and implications for your plan

Marketing Communications Plan


-     Presentation of a campaign plan, that is both well informed by the case and related research but also clearly underpinned by the theoretical concepts introduced on the module.

-     Demonstration of a clear link between the campaign context analysis (task 1) and the campaign recommendations.

The second part of the marketing communications plan should include the following:

·      Clear statement of marketing communications objectives and positioning sought  

-    Target Market

-    Promotional tool, media, message to be used and justification 

-    Creative Concept (creativity/original.)

-    Budget & Implementation

- Evidence of an integrated marketing communications plan

-    Clear underpinning of the context analysis in the plan

Note: you are not expected to fully cost a campaign, but producing a campaign plan that is consistent with the budget and demonstrates some awareness of costs is essential



·      Appropriate business report format used

·      Well written with attention to detail (such as spelling, grammar, proof-reading and so on)

·      Adheres to word limit

·      Creative presentation i.e. using tables, charts, diagrams, storyboards/images and so on, as well as words, to present information

·      Evidence of in-depth research

·      Referencing using APA style


Provide atleast 25 references.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/03/2015 12:00 am
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