Project #77667 - Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography:


Word count: 600 words.


Topic: Medication error

Medication errors are a major concern, influencing patient safety in hospitals and in the community, with nurses often being the final point of delivery for medications in all settings. 

Research question: What effective strategies can be implemented by nurses and health faciliies to reduce medication errors? 

For this assignment, select three (3) journal articles that relate to this topic. You need to choose at least ONE qualitative and ONE quantitative research article.

Read the three journal articles you have selected, and compile an annotated biblography of these articles using the template provided: 

  • The template is to be used to help you structure your paragraph , but needs to be submitted
  • Other than the reference, the writing in the template will not be included in the word count or marked. 
  • Each paragraph has a word count of 200 words (+10% or -10%)

Presentation Guidelines: 

Please ensure that your submitted copy adheres to the following guidelines:

You must present your assignment / essay in the traditional academic essay style. 

  • Use double line spacing for the text in your assignment
  • Left justify the body of your text (except reference list)
  • No additional spaces between paragraph, assignment "sections" or listed references. New paragraphs or sections are indicated by indenting of the first line of each new paragraph
  • Ensure margins of 2.5 left, right, top and bottom (the pre-set default margins in Word). Font must be Times New Roman or Arial 12 point. 
  • Page numbers should be inserted in the lower right-hand side of the page. 
  • Clear paragraphs - no headings throughout the text except if indicated. 

Include a 'footer' with your student number only and page numbers. 

Include a Title page: This should provide your student name, student number, course code, course name, course convenor, due date, actual word count, semester and year. 

Support your work throughout with appropriate literature (in-text references). References should be mostly peer reviewed journal articles, published within the last 5 years. However, you can use older references if they are seminal work. 

Word count: Ensure your assignments meets the required word count with a margin of -/+ 10%. NOTE: Actual word cont includes in-text references but NOT the reference list.

(Sample Format for Annotated Bibliography)

For each article:

·      Use the following format to structure a table

·      Use the table to guide the structure of a summary paragraph 

·      There should be three separate annotated bibliographies (one for each article).


The parts of the bibliography entry

Your work needs to include these type of introductory phrases


Author’s viewpoint

A short statement of the author’s viewpoint

In this article, Johnson reviews…

This article examines…

The authors describe…

The author’s purpose is to challenge…



An accurate, succinct account of the ideas, theories, research or arguments used in the article

The main ideas expressed are…

Support for these claims is documented by…

The author has conducted a thorough investigation…

The author’s research focuses on…



Comments on the strengths and limitations of the information appraised in the article in relation to your chosen topic

The writing style considers a wide range of audiences…

The strength of the argument is that it…

There is a lack of supporting evidence…

The main limitation of the article is…



Clearly explains the potential

usefulness (or not) of the

article to your poster

This article is useful for this topic as…

In particular, this article will support a discussion related to…

Because the information is up-to-date and from a reliable source…

This article will not be useful for the poster because…


Reference List entry

Citation information of the article is in correct APA 6th style format

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Article title. Journal title, Volume. DOI

Adapted from:

Summary Paragraph:

Insert your summary paragraph here, ensuring you address each part of the table.

Word count: You need to include the word count for this paragraph

Abstract (with title): You need to attach the abstract or the first page of this article to your assignment

Written Assignment One: Annotated Bibliography

Marking Criteria

Overall Assessment




Very high standard

High standard


Needs improvement


Author’s viewpoint

For each of the three articles, provide a clear outline of the author’s viewpoint

/ 6








For each of the three articles, provide an accurate, succinct summary of the article’s ideas, theories, research findings or arguments

/ 12








For each of the three articles, provide an appraisal of the importance of this research to the topic and any strengths or limitations identified 

/ 9








Clearly explains the potential usefulness (or not) of the article to your topic and poster









Accurate, complete bibliographic citations (APA 6th style)

Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Adhere to presentation guidelines (margins, word count, cover sheet etc.)

Inclusion of abstracts

/ 7







Total Marks: /40










Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/03/2015 12:00 am
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