Project #77411 - Physics Questions

There will be attached file with pictures for the problems

Question 1:

The two segments of the wire in the figure have equal diameters but different conductivities σ1 and σ2. Current I passes through this wire.

If the conductivities have the ratio σ2 / σ1 = 1.00, what is the ratio E2 / E1 of the electric field strengths in the two segments of the wire?

Question 2:

 The conducting path between the right hand and the left hand can be modeled as a 11.0 cm diameter, 155 cm long cylinder. The average resistivity of the interior of the human body is 4.80  â„¦m. Dry skin has a much higher resistivity, but skin resistance can be made negligible by soaking the hands in salt water.

If skin resistance is neglected, what potential difference between the hands is needed for a shock of 80.0 mA across the chest?

Question 3:  

For the circuit shown in the figure, find the current through and the potential difference across each resistor. Take R1 = 1.60  â„¦, R2 = 6.90  â„¦, R3 = 1.60  â„¦, and R4 = 6.90  â„¦.

·         Current through R1:

·         Potential difference across R1:

·         Current through R2:

·         Potential difference across R2:

·         Current through R3:

·         Potential difference across R3:

·         Current through R4:

·         Potential difference across R4:

Question 4:

What power is dissipated by the R2 = 6.60 Ω resistor in the figure if R1 = 1.70 Ω?


Question 5:

A 0.340 μF capacitor is charged to 570 V. It is then connected to a 50 Ω resistor and allowed to discharge completely.

How much energy is dissipated by the 50 Ω resistor in 4 μs?


Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/26/2015 12:00 pm
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