Project #77409 - Research Methods in Criminal Justie



Please find the rubric here.

In a 500 word essay, please explain what you understand by Scientific Variable. What is the nature of Scientific Variables? Please provide three examples of Scientific Variables.Your response should reflect upper-level undergraduate writing and current APA standards.




Using the online library, download 2 peer-reviewed journal articles on a criminal justice related topic. Provide in proper APA Style format 350 word summaries for each article. Be sure to use sub-headings between article summaries. All citations should be in proper APA format. In summarizing the articles, answer the following questions for each article:


1. What is the purpose of the research?


2. Who or what was studied?


3. What were the findings, i.e. what was discovered?


4. Are the findings logical?


5. Are the conclusions made by the researcher sound?


Peer-reviewed journal articles include American Journal of Criminal Justice, American Journal of Sociology, Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and MANY more. Other Social Science peer-reviewed articles are acceptable, provided the articles are from peer-reviewed journals. Government publications and news articles are not acceptable. Submit your work in APA 6th edition Style format. 



Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Each student will be required to write an APA Style annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography will consist of three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles from the APUS/AMU online library academic databases. Students can find peer-reviewed articles in the following academic databases: ProQuest, Sage Criminology ... etc. The articles must be Criminal Justice/Security related.


An annotated bibliography is a list of references. Each reference is followed by a brief (at least 150-word) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. Your work should summarize, evaluate, and analyze the article. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.



Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is a 1000-word APA Style paper. The project should have 1000-words of substance not counting the cover and reference page. The Term Project must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the student's folder through the assignment section. Students will be required to use at least three scholarly references in their work.


Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines. There is a sample paper under "Lessons" that students can use as a template for their project. Feel free to copy and keep the sample paper as a model to help guide your work. Under resources there are several APA Style helpful resources. There is also help with APA Style within the AMU Online Library.


Please make sure that you are using the course-writing rubric to use as a checklist so that you write a solid paper.


Students must choose from one of the following topics to write their Term Project:


1. Discuss various types of research that would warrant the use of quantitative research methods in Criminal Justice/Security Management research


2. Discuss various types of research that would warrant the use of qualitative research methods in Criminal Justice/Security Management research


3. Discuss various types of research that would warrant the use of Mixed-Methods research in Criminal Justice/Security Management research


4. Evaluate why statistical analysis is used in Criminal Justice/Security Management research


5. Evaluating sources (references) for Criminal Justice/Security Management research


6. Evaluate ethical research concerns as it applies to Criminal Justice/Security Management research


7. Explain why writing in APA Style is important to Criminal Justice/Security Management writing


8. Evaluate why plagiarism undermines Criminal Justice/Security Management writing & research.


Do not include quotes in your work. The student needs to display good critical thinking skills and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your analysis is what is needed for a successful paper

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Due By (Pacific Time) 07/26/2015 11:00 pm
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