Project #76923 - IT-210 (3 paragraph discussion) This one is easy!

Good evening scholars, 

I am needing my discussion post completed; due date is 07/22/2015 (Wednesday) by 8pm Pacific Time. 

Here is the topic for the discussion question which needs to be a minimum of 1 paragraph (2 paragraph max)


“List your top five specific uses for your computer and any key applications software (such as MS Office) that you need. Be sure to use specific vocabulary from your course content.

In responding to your classmates’ posts, discuss one feature you think is the most important and why. Remember, you are to discuss with each other the various components and functions using the applicable terminology.”


Next, you will need to reply back to these user’s discussion posts as well (minimum of 1 paragraph) (2 paragraph max)



#1 (my computer usage)

   The top five uses I have for computers in my day to day life actually vary widely. I use computers daily for everything from work to exercise.  I also use absurd amounts of software within each of those functions.

     1) Work.  I work remotely, supporting data centers.  To that end, I use an application called VisionApp to manage the large number of different RDP connection sessions I use to access servers at these data centers.  I do use Microsoft Office pretty much every day for creating reports or just for managing email.  I also use Notepad++ extensively.  Not only is it a great text editor but it also functions as a code editor for a slew of different languages with the ability to import additional language support when necessary.

     2) Exercise.  I use a treadmill every other day.  Newer treadmills have added tablets for control in addition to the buttons on the machine.  The treadmill I use runs a version of Android with a NordicTrack proprietary front end.

     3) Gaming.  I have been gaming on computers since I was old enough to use a keyboard.  Most recently, I have been playing Aliens vs. Predators, a first person shooter that allows you to take on the role of either an Alien, Predator, or Colonial Marine.

     4) Woodworking.  I took up woodworking a little over a year ago.  I use an application called Sketch Up to design and mock up whatever my latest project is so I can finalize measurements and ensure I am happy with the results before starting into construction.

     5) Reading.  I love to read, always have.  However, I have to travel for work and after a few trips of lugging a couple novels in my carry on, I found that it was a hassle.  To sate my thirst for books while limiting the amount of stuff I have to carry, I bought a tablet which runs Android.  For reading purposes, I use the Amazon Kindle application which affords me access to all the books I have purchased as well as a huge number of free books.



#2 (pc and me)

Hi all,

          Like most of us I use a computer or some type of computing device on a daily basis.  Now that I've been thrust into the spot light and have to name thoses uses I struggle to come up with any.  I sat for a moment or two and thought about and without notice I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my iPhone to check my Strava page.  Ding, Ding, Ding we have a use, so without further grandstanding my list:

1.  Social media,  I use a combination of my phone and pc to monitor my Strava and Facebook pages, in an attempt to stay updated with the happenings of those that I care about and to update my own personnel situation.  With the various network types such as cell, wifi, and traditional hardwired networks it has become so easy and for some a matter of life style to always be connnected.

2.  School, as you can see I'm using a computer to completed this assignment.  Utilizing the systems various input and output devices as well as its applications such as a web browser I'm able to easily access my course work.

3.  Work, the use of computers is pretty much a requirement for my job.  I use various programs such as MS Office, Firefox, and a few job specific applications to generate reports, track mission requirements, and even receive my work schedule.

4.  Spending money,  this is my least favorite use of computers but I swear is my wifes favorite.  Using the pc to pay bills online as well as conducting retail transations over the internet.

5.  Gaming, This is my favorite reason to use the pc.  In the past I would use the pc to play a number of different games such as Guild Wars, Dragon Age, and other pc based games.  I find myself playing less pc based games now as I find console games are easier for myself and my kids to play together.  Specifically the X-Box One is used to launch games that we have hard copies of as well as digital content.  Some of these games use/require the access to X-Box Live to play or utilize all of a programs features.  Of course this communication is done via the internet and uses various internet protocols to send and receive data.




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